How To Enter United Russia

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How To Enter United Russia
How To Enter United Russia

Video: How To Enter United Russia

Video: How To Enter United Russia
Video: Putin's United Russia wins election after barring opposition | DW News 2023, December

Adult citizens of Russia who are not members of other political parties can join the United Russia party. Citizens of other states, stateless persons and citizens of Russia recognized as incompetent are not admitted to the party. A prerequisite is to stay among the party's supporters for at least 6 months.

How to log in
How to log in


Step 1

Get the status of an official supporter of the United Russia party. To do this, fill out the questionnaire posted on the website of the Central Council of Supporters of the United Russia party, and read the Regulations on Supporters, which you can find there.

Step 2

Submit the completed questionnaire to the regional branch of the United Russia party. Addresses and contact information for local branches of the party can be found on the official website of the "United Russia". After 6 months of confirmed stay among the party's supporters, you can join United Russia.

Step 3

Read the Charter and Program of the United Russia party. They are available for reading on the official website of the party. This condition is mandatory for admission to membership in United Russia.

Step 4

Fill out the Comprehensive Application Form for membership in the United Russia party and the party member's questionnaire. They are available on the official website in the "Join the Party" section in Excel format. Put your signature, by this you agree to the processing of your personal data.

Step 5

Get written recommendations from the Council of Party Supporters in your region. You can also receive letters of recommendation from the current members of the United Russia party.

Step 6

Submit your application for membership, application form and letters of recommendation to your local party office. You will be scheduled for an interview. An application for membership in United Russia is considered within a period not exceeding three months from the date of submission.

Step 7

Get your interview at the appointed time. The decision to include your person in the number of party members will be made by an open vote, in which full members of the party in your region will take part.

Step 8

Pay the membership fees if you wish, as they are voluntary. Get your membership card.