How To Enter Jail

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How To Enter Jail
How To Enter Jail

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Almost no one is immune from getting into a pre-trial detention center (in common parlance, a prison, or, as they say in such places, "a prison"). And for a person who accidentally got into these places, a lot depends on how he enters the cell, where he will be identified.

How to enter jail
How to enter jail

It is necessary

  • - communication skills;
  • - politeness;
  • - self-esteem.


Step 1

The first thing to do after crossing the threshold of the camera is to say hello. The optimal wording for this is "great, lads."

By doing this, you will show respect for those who are already behind bars and will become your closest neighbors in this limited space for at least weeks (all newcomers hope to be free in a few days, but practice, unfortunately, is such that these aspirations come true extremely seldom).

You can immediately name the name and article of the Criminal Code for which you are accused. You can stipulate that you "sew" it.

It is also customary to answer the question “what did you get for”, which is traditional in these places, with the number of the article.

Step 2

Be prepared to also answer a series of questions. Most likely, you will be invited to a conversation with the beholder (this is the name of the prisoner responsible for the observance in the cell ("hut") of the unwritten prison laws, called "concepts") and other prisoners who enjoy authority in the criminal community.

The questions must be answered briefly, do not play around, do not try to pretend to be an expert on prison rules (even if you have read a lot about them and heard from experienced convicts, this does not replace personal experience).

But it is better not to advertise financial well-being. It is optimal to show yourself as a middle peasant in this regard or a poor person, especially if you are.

Step 3

The camera elite (usually the viewer himself, if he is present and awake) will voice you the main prohibitions related to behavior in the camera. Listen carefully and try to follow these rules: with the principle of inevitability of punishment for deviating from prison standards, the situation is, unfortunately, much stricter than in a state with laws.

Step 4

However, do not hope that you will be taught all the intricacies of "concepts": a certain calculation is always made to catch an inexperienced beginner on their insufficient knowledge. Therefore, in the early days, carefully look at what is happening and draw conclusions.

Although it is not forbidden to ask more knowledgeable prisoners to clarify points of interest (as they say in these places, "there is no need to be interested"). By the way, the word "ask" (and many others, seemingly innocent) behind bars should be used very carefully. It is preferable to say "interested".

Step 5

Separately, it should be said about the so-called "Common" (the criminal world has its own spelling, and this word, according to "concepts", should be written with a capital letter) - a kind of chamber "mutual aid fund". If you have something to "give" (for example, there is some supply of cigarettes, food, you managed to bring in cash), it is better to immediately offer your participation. This will definitely add points to your inmates.

Participation in the "General" is voluntary, and everyone who "pays" decides how much. In practice, it is optimal to contribute to this fund a third of the available stocks or content of the transfer.

Step 6

After a successful first acquaintance with inmates, one should not forget that everything is just beginning, and not relax until the very release.

While you are in captivity, you should constantly be on the alert and expect surprises, often not the most pleasant ones, both from the prison administration and from other prisoners.

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