Kvitatiani Tornike Guramovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Kvitatiani Tornike Guramovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Kvitatiani Tornike Guramovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Kvitatiani Tornike Guramovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Kvitatiani Tornike Guramovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Tornike Guramovich Kvitatiani - master of sports in freestyle wrestling, singer and actor. Multiple winner and medalist of Russian and international tournaments, winner of the Alrosa Cup. Participant of the fifth season of the show "Voice".

Tornike Guramovich Kvitatiani
Tornike Guramovich Kvitatiani

Tornike Kvitatiani is well known to fans of freestyle wrestling. He was a member of the country's Olympic team, and has repeatedly taken part in Russian and international competitions. In addition, Tornike has excellent vocal skills, which he demonstrated in the music show "The Voice" on Channel One.

Biography facts

Tornike Guramovich was born in the summer of 1992 in Abkhazia. In the same year, the family moved to the capital for permanent residence. The reason for leaving his hometown was the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, which began in 1992.

From childhood, Tornike was fond of sports. He liked football, but he was especially attracted by freestyle wrestling. When Tornike was seven years old, his parents decided to send him to a sports school. Classes were held far from home. Mom constantly drove the child to training and back, spending several hours on the road and waiting for the boy at the gym.

Later, the family moved to the Moscow region, it became even more difficult to go to trainings. But thanks to his mother, Tornike continued to study. She again went with him to the city, spending four hours on the road, waiting near the sports complex until the end of the training.

Father Tornike died early. The boy was only nine years old when he passed away. The mother was engaged in the further upbringing of her son and youngest daughter.

Sports career

During his school years, Tornike continued to train hard. He soon became a member of the CSKA sports club. The boy, who showed great promise, was offered to settle in a sports boarding school. He happily agreed. Now there was no need to spend several hours a day on trips to the gym.

Already in 2011, Kvitatiani won the bronze medal of the Russian junior freestyle wrestling championship. Soon he became part of the Olympic team and began performing in international tournaments. Tornike prepared intensively for participation in the 2016 Olympics, but was seriously injured and could not go to the competition.

Currently, Tornike continues to train. He is going to compete in the 2020 Olympics.

Musical career

Tornike's main occupation is sports, but his favorite hobby has always been music. He loved very much in the evening, after hard training, to pick up the guitar and sing, being in the family circle.

Like many representatives of the Georgian nationality, Tornike has an excellent ear for music, voice and sense of rhythm.

The young man became interested in music early. He himself learned to play the guitar and national instruments. However, he never imagined that music would become for him not only a hobby, but also a professional activity.

In 2016, Tornike got on the famous show "The Voice". Shortly before that, he was seriously injured and was in the hospital. On the Internet, he saw that the casting for the new season of the music competition was announced. Therefore, for the sake of curiosity, I sent the recording of my song to the casting.

Friends told Tornike many times to try his hand at the competition, and now the case finally turned up. When a few months later they called him and said that he had passed the preliminary selection, Tornike was very surprised. He decided not to give up this opportunity.

The singer's beautiful voice literally won over the mentors and spectators at the blind auditions of The Voice. As a result, Kvitatiani got into the team of D. Bilan and reached the quarterfinals of the competition.

Tornike's further participation in the show was impossible. He had to prepare for the competition. The audience really wanted to see and listen to him further. But Bilan decided to let Tornike go so that he could take part in the Russian Championship.

After the show, Kvitatiani said that he was very surprised that he could go so far in the competition, because he is not a professional singer. After "The Voice" Tornike decided that he would find time to seriously engage in musical preparation and would start taking vocal lessons.

Personal life

Tornike is not going to start a family yet. He spends all his time on training and preparation for competitions.

He loves children very much and when he comes to visit his friends, he always plays with their kids. He also wants his children, but believes that the family needs to be given a lot of time and attention. He cannot afford it yet.

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