How To Get Humanitarian Aid

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How To Get Humanitarian Aid
How To Get Humanitarian Aid

Video: How To Get Humanitarian Aid

Video: How To Get Humanitarian Aid
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Humanitarian aid refers to products, money and technical means, medical supplies provided to low-income, socially vulnerable categories of the population, as well as people affected by natural disasters and other emergencies.

How to get humanitarian aid
How to get humanitarian aid

It is necessary

  • - contacting a charitable foundation;
  • - documents confirming your right to humanitarian assistance.


Step 1

There are now many charitable foundations that provide humanitarian assistance. They are created at the expense of the funds of states, individuals, public organizations, religious communities, etc. To receive humanitarian aid, find out what exactly a particular fund specializes in.

Step 2

There are charitable foundations that provide assistance exclusively for children or certain categories of the population. For example, UNICEF specializes primarily in providing humanitarian assistance to women and children. The United Nations Population Fund supports reproductive health projects in crisis situations.

Step 3

And the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees deals with the problems of displaced persons. If you are eligible for the targeted fund program, apply for funds or other things you need to your local branch or representative office of well-known international or private foundations.

Step 4

Humanitarian assistance is provided to both individuals and organizations that have concluded an agreement with the foundation. The contract usually describes the type of assistance expressed in numerical terms. Usually large international foundations work with various public associations on the ground, which deliver humanitarian aid to the final “consumer”.

Step 5

Since charitable foundations must report to their founders about the work done and the money spent, it is advisable to take care of the documents confirming your plight in advance. For example, a kindergarten for the provision of humanitarian aid needs to photograph the material and technical base and premises that they have, children, etc. If money is required for the operation, a medical certificate with a diagnosis and data on the operation, etc.

Step 6

Church organizations often provide humanitarian assistance. For example, Russians in America can receive humanitarian aid in churches, where it is given out on certain days. There are also official seats from the state. However, it is required to show a special certificate issued by the social service as officially poor.

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