How To Name A Public Organization

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How To Name A Public Organization
How To Name A Public Organization

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The saying "As you name a boat, so it will float" is extremely relevant for public organizations. The success of non-profit foundations depends on the selfless help of enthusiasts, and without a well-chosen name, it is impossible to attract such people.

How to name a public organization
How to name a public organization


Step 1

When coming up with the name of your community organization, follow a few simple rules. First, the name should not be too long and difficult to remember. Secondly, the name should clearly reflect the essence of the organization's activities.

Step 2

Reflect in the name of the association the direction of its work. For example, "Aid Society (for someone)", "Fund for support (for someone)".

Step 3

When creating a society that will include a certain social group, include it in the name (For example, “Military for children”, “Youth for hometown”, etc.).

Step 4

If an event inspired you to create a non-profit organization, then reflect it in the name. For example, "Fund of memory (events)".

Step 5

You can also choose a different path. Refer to documentary sources. Look for people and organizations who have done the same work as you. Analyze the experience of your predecessors and act as successors of their work, reflecting this in your name (for example, “Foundation (society) named after (full name and regalia of a famous person).

Step 6

But before filling out the necessary documents, consult with lawyers. Find out if your actions are a violation of copyright and related rights. You may have to draw up documents for a long time, go through many instances, but as a result, your organization will gain fame and authority much faster thanks to such a weighty name (of course, subject to fruitful work).

Step 7

If you want to create a charitable organization and at the same time you are a believer, then after asking a blessing from the church, you can name it in honor of one of the saints or in honor of a significant religious event. Many people who have done so note that the heavenly patron has repeatedly given them spiritual support in difficult situations.

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