How To Respond To Rudeness

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How To Respond To Rudeness
How To Respond To Rudeness

Video: How To Respond To Rudeness

Video: How To Respond To Rudeness
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Sometimes you have to deal with people who believe that authority can be won by demonstrating rudeness and rudeness towards others. This manner of communication, despite the external aggressiveness, is characteristic of weak, insecure and notorious people. However, it will not make it easier for you if you are the victim of such an attitude. You should not pretend that nothing happened and let the offender go, because for him this will only be a permission for new boorish antics.

How to respond to rudeness
How to respond to rudeness


Step 1

Such people perceive politeness and delicacy as a manifestation of weakness, so instead of being offended and waiting for an apology, internally prepare yourself for a rebuff, since the attacks will certainly be renewed.

Step 2

You should not go over to rudeness, this is not your territory and you will never come out a winner. The best way is to present the boor in a funny light and let him know that he will not be able to hide his weakness from you behind aggression.

Step 3

In no case, do not show how much rudeness hurt you, do not give a boor a reason to grope his painful places.

Step 4

Observe him, find those weaknesses that he is ashamed of. You shouldn't be angry - a sense of humor should come to your aid. You can answer rudeness with a witty phrase in which you point out this flaw and make it clear to your opponent that in this way he does not hide it, but only emphasizes it.

Step 5

Sometimes a boor can even confuse your silence. Find a noticeable flaw in his appearance or clothing and start looking at it with interest. You can even ask loudly - how long ago a person had this deficiency, and express your sympathy to him. Go to the discussion of this issue, and continue to be rude, your opponent is unlikely to be able to.

Step 6

If offensive jokes continue, it is worth asking in front of everyone - what is the reason for them and express your assumptions on this score, which may be offensive to the boor. So you make it clear that you notice rudeness and do not intend to endure his antics.