How To Respond To A Compliment

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How To Respond To A Compliment
How To Respond To A Compliment

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A compliment - a few pleasant words spoken by another person - can confuse many. People are embarrassed, do not understand why they are being praised. Even if they themselves are proud of their achievement, they are embarrassed to hear confirmation that the case has been appreciated by others. It is often difficult to respond to a compliment because it is not clear what exactly needs to be said in this case.

How to respond to a compliment
How to respond to a compliment


Step 1

Few people know how to sincerely and beautifully make compliments, but even fewer are able to accept and respond to them. Listen to praiseworthy words, and let them cheer you up, do not suspect in everyone a flatterer or a person who wants something from you. Then the correct answer to the compliment will be much easier and more natural.

Step 2

If you get a compliment, don't ignore it by pretending it's okay. But don't take it too personally. Excessive gratitude for pleasant words, as well as complete indifference to them, is not the right reaction. If you've been praised, smile at the person first.

Step 3

If the compliment is received as part of a courtesy exchange practiced in polite society, then in order to respond to it, select a category close to the one in which you yourself received approval. For example, if your boss has praised you for your report, then think of one of his recent effective solutions. Give a compliment in return about your professional achievement. If a friend praises your new boots, then after thanking and saying a few words about it, express your approval of some detail of her dress.

Step 4

Your compliment should be appropriate. The exchange of pleasantries shouldn't take too long. Be delicate, because sometimes, even making a compliment, you can make a big mistake and unwittingly hurt a person.

Step 5

Often times, people get embarrassed when they are complimenting them in return, so give the person an opportunity to respond comfortably to what you say. Instead of accepting sincere praise for their actions, the person begins to make excuses or even, embarrassed, say the opposite. After the compliment, add something else that allows the person to speak up on the topic without rejecting the compliment. For example, after praising a prepared pie at a party, ask what its secret or what ingredients were used. Then the hostess will not be at a loss and will not begin to say that "today he is still unsuccessful", but will proudly tell about the intricacies.

Step 6

It is often not necessary to give a compliment in return. You can simply answer with the words: "Thank you, very nice" or "Thank you for the compliment."

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