Five Facets Of Beauty

Five Facets Of Beauty
Five Facets Of Beauty
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Beauty is not equal to beauty. Only real and incorruptible values ​​can be regarded by worthy people as demanded human characteristics.

Beauty will save the world
Beauty will save the world

"The character of a woman is usually determined by beauty, goals - by the ugliness of her face"

Oliver Goldsmith

Five faces. There are, of course, much more of them, but these are the ones that deserve special attention.

1. Minimum shine in clothes, maximum in eyes! It is not for nothing that the folk epic says: "The eyes are burning like yahonts." Or the popular catchphrase: "The eyes are the mirror of the soul." Not exceptional facial features and smooth skin, about which they say, perhaps not from an iron, but a magnificent, energetic look that gives warmth and joy.

Do not rehearse it, do not make up, do not stretch it. This is the absolute value of the depth and fullness of the soul. How does it work ?! It's very simple! Here, it seems, is both a beauty and a clever girl, but there is no happiness. And take the modest and unsympathetic, namely, she is loved to madness. Put them side by side - and the difference is palpable. A beauty with a cold gaze loses much to a plain woman with a demonic gaze.

2. Naturalism in everything! This is the motto of recent times. Everything from the notorious Americans - the legislators of the "correct" lifestyle. Yes - freckles, thin lips, if nature has not given plump ones. Hair should grow everywhere, not just on the head. Tanning creams in the trash can, the best cosmetics are none. A body that exudes the scent of purity, not perfume. Everything by sight, touch, smell is absolutely natural.

What a thrill it is to kiss rubber lips, caress silicone breasts, drown in a shock of hair extensions that will fall off! Doll eyelashes that make the look stupid even more stupid, tattoos that turn blue with stains, nails that cause horror and disgust. The time spent sitting in salons is an imperceptible theft of one's life. Instead of the sun - a cosmetic lamp, instead of communicating with friends and relatives - a favorite cosmetologist, who is also a guru and friend. All down!

3. Freak is a capacious word! In outdated slang - "white crow". In fact, he is a special, often gifted person, creative both externally and within himself, often taking on challenging guises. How unloved he is, we persecute him, and if we admit it, then only for the fun of the day. A true freak is a rare phenomenon, characterized by non-standard thinking and behavior. Freak superficial - "Chinese" fake. Take off his strange clothes, and under them is the conventional style. By encouraging "nutty", one can understand that the face is beautiful with its crazy genius.

4. Individuality, given by nature, is multiplied in the process of life by reasonable diligence. Frightening identity, "conveyance", faces similar to each other, a beloved hero, a well-known personality - nothing more than a massive psychosis of the modern community. Smiling equally broadly and shamelessly, exposing in place of relatives and healthy teeth, snow-white like a toilet bowl, all in pink or gray - depending on what color this season was ordered to wear by the "Fashionable Sentence" - they make memorized movements. A minimum of freedom. The main thing is to expose everything that has been invested and for what has been paid for. Forgetting not only the true hair color, but also the native dialect, so unfashionable, without any "luxury", "hyip", "topovo". Perverting, accepting everything in their own way, trying on themselves, the source is completely lost. Being in the middle, I no longer remember where I came from, much less see the future. To return to the beginning means to know the end of the road.

5. Virtue in general, and women in particular, unfortunately, is a rare phenomenon. Anger, causticity, hatred, indifference, coldness do their job and leave an imprint on the wearer's face that does not cause sympathy. Sometimes an elderly person is all wrinkled, but we can say about him that he is good-looking. In another case, the face of the elder repels and causes hostility. And these are no longer masks, these are those faces, the most real, vividly characterizing our entire life path and inner world.

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