Rasmussen Ree: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Rasmussen Ree: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Rasmussen Ree: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Rasmussen Ree: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Rasmussen Ree: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Ree Rasmussen is a Danish fashion model, actress, director, producer, photographer and screenwriter. She began her career with working in front of cameras and participating in fashion shows. However, after she switched to cinema. Her filmography is not very rich, but Ri has established herself as a very talented director.

Ri Rasmussen
Ri Rasmussen

In 1978, Ri Rasmussen was born. She was born in Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark. Her date of birth is February 14.

Facts from the biography of Ri Rasmussen

In her childhood, Ri was not seriously interested in art, although creativity in various forms attracted her. However, she did not dream of becoming a famous actress or illustrious director.

Rasmussen began her career when she was vacationing with her family in New York in 1993. There, a representative of one of the modeling agencies drew attention to an attractive young girl. External data, height, unusual Scandinavian appearance allowed Rea to sign a contact with a modeling agency. Thus, from adolescence, Rasmussen began to appear for fashionable glossy magazines, and then began to appear on the catwalk.

Ri's modeling career developed quite quickly and successfully. For some time, the girl was the face of the Gucci brand, and also participated in fashion shows from Victoria's Secret.

As she grew older and received a basic education at school, Rasmussen began to take an interest in more than just fashion. She began to be attracted by cinema, and a talented person wanted to realize herself not only as an actress. Ri dreamed of trying herself as a director and as a producer. In addition, Rasmussen became interested in photography and writing.

Within the framework of photography, the artist has achieved certain heights. Her unusual pictures have been repeatedly published in prestigious publications, among which were the world-famous magazine "Vogue". His passion for photography led Rasmussen to organize her first exhibition in 2010, which was in great demand. It is also worth noting that in the process of taking photographs, Ri Rasmussen took a pseudonym for herself. Most of her photographs were published under the name Lilly Dillon.

Deciding to try to combine her interest in writing and photography, Rea wrote a book called "Grafiske Historier". In this, one might say, a guide for photographers, Rea shares her shooting secrets, gives advice and makes you look at the world of photography from a different angle.

Passion for the same cinema resulted in the fact that Rasmussen entered the Higher School of Cinematography. She chose the department of directing and screenwriting for herself. As a result, Ree graduated with honors from this educational institution, receiving the profession of a screenwriter.

Despite her profession, her career in cinema began with the role of an actress (in 2002) and a producer. The artist has worked on a full-length project called "Nobody Should Know". This film was released in 2003.

In 2004, Rasmussen made his debut as a director. Then two tapes came out at once, on which she worked in this capacity. The films did not receive wide publicity, but were actively presented at various film festivals. Rea faced a major success in 2009. Then she, still as a director, released the full-length film "Aviary". It was shown as part of the Berlin Film Festival, and received a lot of positive feedback from viewers and film critics. In the same year, Rasmussen presented to the public the film "The Human Menagerie", in which she also tried herself as a screenwriter.

Development of an acting career

Ri Rasmussen is not a very sought-after actress who has a rich filmography. However, the girl continues to develop in this direction.

Her debut as an actress took place in 2002. Then the film "Femme Fatal" was released, in which Rea got the role of a character named Veronica.

In 2004, two short films were released with the participation of the Danish artist: "Dress" and "Natural Selection".

Rasmussen's role in the Angel-A project helped him become a famous actress. The movie was released in 2005 and had a fairly high rating at the box office. And then followed by work in such tapes as "The Human Menagerie", "Romance in the Dark", "1% ERS".

Love, relationships and personal life

Ri Rasmussen tries not to talk about how she lives outside of creativity, cameras and film sets. Unfortunately, her personal life is shrouded in a veil of secrecy. It is known that a girl does not have a husband or a child, but it is impossible to say for sure whether there is a loved one in her life.

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