Top 5 Eerie And Mysterious Forests

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Top 5 Eerie And Mysterious Forests
Top 5 Eerie And Mysterious Forests

Video: Top 5 Eerie And Mysterious Forests

Video: Top 5 Eerie And Mysterious Forests
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Almost any forest can seem mystical and mysterious. Submerged in darkness and fog thickets, dense thickets often keep many secrets and secrets. Our ancestors believed that the forests were inhabited by various magical, and sometimes very scary, dangerous creatures for humans. Scary and fascinating legends are still being formed around the forests.

Stories about scary forests
Stories about scary forests

The forest has always presented a certain danger to humans. All over the world there are such green zones in which you can meet wild animals, in which it is easy to get lost or stumble upon a swamp, a dangerous swamp. And there are such forests on the planet about which they make legends, tell scary and mystical stories. In many of these places, it becomes anxious even on a clear sunny day, and even more so at night.

Which forests have the most interesting history? Which of them are frightening or unexplained events associated with?

Hoya-Bachu - a portal to another dimension

The Hoya-Bachu forest is located on the territory of Romania, it is surrounded by numerous legends. This is not surprising, because even at the first glance at this territory it becomes alarming. The fact is that trees and shrubs in this forest look unusual: they have distorted, twisted, forms unusual for the human eye.

Locals say that in the very center of this mysterious forest there is a completely flat round area. Trees, grasses and shrubs encircle it, but no plants grow on the very territory of the circle. Animals do not go there, and the birds try to go around this zone in the scary Khoya-Bachu forest. According to legend, this place is a portal, a passage to another world, to another reality. They say that those people who went into the thicket of the Romanian forest and found this zone never returned home. At the same time, their bodies were not found, and scientists still cannot reasonably explain such events in any way.

Travelers - thrill seekers - often visit these parts. But rarely does anyone dare to go far into the forest. People who were in Khoya-Bachu say that being in this green zone, they experienced acute discomfort: they began to feel nauseous, their ears began to ring, their head began to spin, and chills passed through their bodies. And gradually, on everyone who stayed for a long time in the forest in Romania, a strong anxiety, irrepressible anxiety, fear, bordering on animal horror, rolled over.

Cursed Elven Forest

In California, near the beautiful city of San Diego, there is a dense and little-visited forest. This territory received a fabulous name - Elven Forest, but this place is surrounded by bad rumor. Locals try not to come here, and the visitors of this forest are mostly brave tourists.

In the old days, gypsies lived in this green area. However, in the 19th century, the local population decided to drive them away. Since, of their own free will, the Roma were in no hurry to leave the territory, many of them were killed. As a result, the Elven Forest became a burial place, and those gypsies who survived and decided to leave these places cursed the forest. Since then, this place in California has been surrounded by mysterious legends.

Many of those who were in the Elven Forest later told that they saw ghosts. It was either a silent woman in a white robe, in whose presence a sticky chill passed over the skin, or a strange spirit with a severed head and a black ghostly horse that gallops silently among centuries-old trees.

Cursed forest
Cursed forest

The forest that screams

The area in the English county of Kent received an amazing name - "Screaming Forest". This forest has a very bad reputation and is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the area of Great Britain with the most ghosts. According to data for 1989, there were more than thirteen ghosts here.

This place has its name for a reason. It is said that screams, groans and pleas for help can often be heard from the forest. Inhabitants of the nearest village say that these voices belong to people who have died in more depth, who have not found their way out of the forest.

Meetings with ghosts in the "Screaming Forest" are told not only by those who live near this green zone. Many tourists, travelers and just visitors confirm the words of the locals.

Most often, people see the ghost of a soldier who comes out of the depths of the forest, and then dissolves, as soon as the last trees are behind him. Another popular ghost of these places is the spirit of the colonel, who hanged himself in the "Screaming Forest" in the distant past. There are also ghosts of gypsies and monks.

Dow Hill is the scariest place in India

Dow Hill is an old dense forest, near which there is a closed school for boys called "Dow Hill Victoria". During the holidays, the territory of the school, all buildings are empty, however, local residents and casual tourists have repeatedly told that they heard from the school children's screams, crying, stamping of feet and some kind of noise.

Doe Hill Forest has received an extremely bad name. It is the most creepy place in India, first of all, because there were quite a few murders among the trees. Moreover, children were often the victims. And it is impossible to say how many more secrets the land of this forest keeps.

The path that leads from the closed school to the forest jungle is called the "Path of Death". One of the legends says that whoever walks along this path in the evening into the forest will never return back.

Those curious who have been inside the Dow Hill forest have said that they saw ghosts there. Especially often there is information about a ghostly boy with a severed head, which appears on forest paths and pursues random travelers or curious travelers.

Scary forest
Scary forest

"Sea of Trees" - Japanese forest that drives you crazy

Perhaps one of the most truly creepy and famous cursed forests in the entire world is Aokigahara, located in Japan. The forest, which is also called the "Sea of Trees" because of its density, is located near Mount Fuji.

The area is infamous for the fact that more than 500 people have committed suicide here since the early 1950s. They say that if you once visit this forest for a walk in the evening, the forest will never let you go. He will haunt in dreams, become an obsessive thought, will drive you crazy. And sooner or later, a person will still return to Aokigahara to commit suicide. Local residents say that they have repeatedly heard the screams and groans of people who died among the trees, and also saw ghostly silhouettes and some frightening, "broken" creatures, as if from another world.

It is very easy to get lost in this forest if you get off the hiking trail. However, you can get lost among the trees even if you follow all the signs. The forest seems to impose a haze on its guests, wanting to leave people forever among their trees and bushes. They say that in the lands where the "Sea of Trees" grows, there are reserves of copper ore. Because of this, neither compasses, nor phones, nor other gadgets work here, and the clock may show the wrong time.

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