What Religious Holidays Are Celebrated On August 15

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What Religious Holidays Are Celebrated On August 15
What Religious Holidays Are Celebrated On August 15

In August, one of the main Christian holidays, the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, is celebrated. In western Europe, as well as in Bulgaria and Armenia, it is celebrated according to the old style - on August 15. On this day, according to church tradition, Mary ascended to heaven.

What religious holidays are celebrated on August 15
What religious holidays are celebrated on August 15

Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary among Western Christians

On August 15, Western Christians celebrate one of their main church holidays - the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos. On this day, the death of the Mother of God Mary and her bodily ascension are remembered. In the West and East, the holiday has different names: the well-established Latin name Assumption literally means "taking", "acceptance", the Russian "dormition" was taken from Church Slavonic and translated as "immersion in sleep."

Eastern Christians celebrate the Dormition in a new style on August 28.

Until now, there is no reliable information about the life of the Mother of God after the death of Jesus Christ, or about her death and burial. Early Christian monuments contain conflicting information. However, in most of the texts there is approximately the same plot about how, after the ascension of Jesus, the Mother of God came under the care of John the Theologian and lived in Jerusalem, spending time in prayers in anticipation of meeting the Son.

Three days before her death, the archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary - he announced the speedy transition to Assumption. Then the Mother of God called the apostles to her in order to say goodbye to them. She bequeathed to be buried in Gethsemane between the graves of Joseph the Betrothed and her parents. Three days after the funeral, the Apostle Thomas came to the grave and found that there were roses in the coffin instead of the body.

Along with the immaculate conception, the bodily ascension of Mary is a dogma in the Catholic doctrine, but it was officially formalized only in 1950. August 15 is an official day off in many Western European countries. On this day, believers pray and attend Mass.

Dormition of the Virgin in Bulgaria and Armenia

Bulgaria and Armenia are the only countries in Eastern Europe where the Assumption is celebrated in the old style. In Bulgaria, this holiday has special traditions. On the eve, women bake ceremonial bread, which is then taken to the temple for their consecration. Also on the Assumption, a special rite of kurban is performed: men cut a lamb and roast it on a spit. A special soup, kurban chorba, is prepared from meat: after the liturgy, everyone who comes to the temple is treated to it.

In Bulgaria, the name Maria is extremely popular, and the Assumption is also considered a holiday for all mothers.

The Armenians have been celebrating the Assumption since the 5th century. This holiday is one of the key ones in the Armenian Church. It is interesting that grapes usually ripen here by the time of the Assumption, so there is a tradition to consecrate the harvest at the end of the festive liturgy. The grapes are brought to the temple, the priest reads a prayer and blesses the vine three times. Then the fruits are distributed to the parishioners.

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