Oleff Wyatt: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Oleff Wyatt: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Oleff Wyatt: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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The very young actor Wyatt Oleff is already known for the fantastic film Guardians of the Galaxy and for the horror film It. After the release of these paintings, he became a real celebrity, and this is quite justified - the images in these paintings turned out to be very convincing.

Oleff Wyatt: biography, career, personal life
Oleff Wyatt: biography, career, personal life

Of course, mostly teenage girls became Wyatt's most ardent admirers, but the recognition of the directors and the plans for filming in the following films indicate that in his years he is already quite an accomplished artist.


Wyatt Oleff was born in Chicago, Illinois in 2003. There is no need to talk about his childhood - he is still at such a young age that he can afford not to write his memoirs. Like all children, Oleff attended school, but very early he began acting in films. Apparently, acting talent demanded its use. Therefore, we can say that Wyatt had a "cinematic childhood."

Indeed, already at the age of eight, he played in the television series "Dance Fever". Filming lasted three years, but Wyatt played in only one episode. He liked the setting of the film set so much that a year later he starred in the adventure series Once Upon a Time. Here he got a negative role, but not an episode.

Film career

Wyatt's first major role was assigned when he was only 10 years old - a role in the comedy "Middle Age Rage", which was shown only in English-speaking countries. Later, more and more often they began to give him more and more significant roles, and it is not known how he managed to go through the school curriculum. Probably, creativity is so inspiring that it helps to quickly cope with other matters.


Finally, the young actor's finest hour came: in 2014, the film Guardians of the Galaxy was released, where he created the image of the young Peter Quill. In 2017, the sequel to Guardians was filmed, and Oleff was again involved in his previous role.

The film was a resounding success and earned a huge box office. And everyone who starred with Oleff in this film was struck by the scene where Qwill grieves for his mother - he made this episode so believable. So Oleff's contribution to the film's success is undoubtedly significant.

And what is surprising - at the same time he starred in another film: in the dramatic action movie "Scorpio" played Owen, a teenager with unusual abilities, who solved crimes.

Wyatt also has a comedy job: in the movie Marry Barry. True, this was only an episode, but the presence of more experienced actors on the set made this time unusually interesting.

With the role in the film "It" Oleff had certain difficulties - at that time he was filming in another film, and could not be in time for the shooting. However, director Andy Muscietti was patiently waiting for him, because he saw only Wyatt in the role of Stanley.

Personal life

At the age at which Oleff is now, his personal life consists of hanging out with friends, from social networks and other teenage activities.

Wyatt became friends with the guys who starred with him in the movie "It", and now they often meet.

Also, the teenager learns to drive a helicopter and willingly communicates with fans on the Internet.


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