What Is A Movie Trailer

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What Is A Movie Trailer
What Is A Movie Trailer

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A movie trailer is a video that usually lasts a few minutes and consists of the most interesting moments of a film that has not yet been released. This is a kind of advertisement, from which viewers learn some of the details of the new work of cinema. Trailers are sometimes used as movie previews.

What is a movie trailer
What is a movie trailer

Features of the trailer creation process

The trailer can show the most exciting events of the film in chronological order or show plots that are completely unrelated to each other. The video is usually accompanied by advertising text and musical processing, which is necessary for a kind of impact on the audience. The purpose of the trailer is to interest the audience and attract the maximum number of people to the cinemas.

The events shown in the trailer are commented on by a voice-over, which tells about the main events of the film, but does not reveal its main secrets. The intrigue is created thanks to the individual lines of the protagonists.

Types of trailers

There are two main types of trailers for films - those consisting of frames that viewers will see on the screen and videos that are filmed separately. It is worth noting that a separate trailer is a rather expensive pleasure, which not every director can afford. Clips, consisting of film frames, as a rule, are created using conventional cutting and subsequent editing.

A bit of history

For the first time, the method of advertising a film using a trailer was applied back in 1913. The idea of ​​cutting the most interesting shots and combining them into one short mini-film belongs to Niels Grandlund. It was this Broadway producer who shot the famous promo video for the film "Children's Car Racing" with the participation of Charlie Chaplin. However, the first trailer in the history of cinema is considered to be another work of Niels - a video for the musical "Adventurers".

Who creates the trailers

Trailers were originally created by the filmmakers themselves. Gradually, the editing of individual frames began to be carried out by studios producing new films. However, in recent years, such videos have been created exclusively by third-party organizations, whose main activity is aimed specifically at developing an advertising campaign for the expected novelty of cinema.

Such organizations are called "trailer houses". Several dozen specialists work in them - supervisors who select music for a video, editors who cut frames, managers and producers.

Before the final editing of the trailer, the video must be watched by the director of the film. In the process of work, he can make his own adjustments, make restrictions on the use of certain material and give wishes for work.

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