Why Russian Girls Are Considered The Most Beautiful

Why Russian Girls Are Considered The Most Beautiful
Why Russian Girls Are Considered The Most Beautiful

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More and more often Russian girls come out on the catwalks of the world. More and more men from different countries want to find their family happiness with a beauty from Russia. Russian women are becoming the standard of Earthly beauty.

Russian beauty
Russian beauty


Russia has never suffered from nationalism, like some other countries in the world. Openness, hospitality and friendliness have always been characteristic of the Aboriginal people. This, as well as assimilation and blurring of borders, have become the reason that today it is impossible to find a single purebred Russian throughout the country. Anthropologists believe that racial mixing improves the health and potential of humanity. This is the first reason for the beauty of women in Russia.


No matter how fashions and tastes have changed at different times and in different countries, signs of good health have always been considered the main priority in evaluating beauty: shiny thick hair, healthy smooth skin and a thin waist. Surprisingly, despite the comparative imperfection of our ecological institutions, nature on a sixth of the land is much cleaner than in Western Europe. And this is an important factor for the birth of healthy and beautiful children. Whatever the temporary quirks of fashion, a fresh complexion, a healthy blush on the cheeks, clean shiny eyes and a light flying gait will never cease to be the main ones on the catwalks. The image of a healthy woman, the future mother of his children, attracts male attention on a subconscious level. Russian ruddy beauty with steep hips, lush breasts, thick braid and thin waist conquers the whole world.

Russian character

It has long been proven that the inner world of a person transforms his appearance. Over the years, time draws all the traits of character on the face with wrinkles. See what kind, lovely real grandmothers live nearby. That Russian tenderness and femininity inherent in Russian girls becomes wisdom and enlightenment in old age.

Excessive emancipation has never taken root in Russian villages and cities. The woman has always been smart. She looks at her man with love and hope from the bottom up. This is the only way to push him to deeds. The admiring eyes of a woman - what could be more beautiful ?!

Only the Russian woman obeys, remaining unconquered. No man will remain indifferent, looking into the eyes of such a beauty. Pride and gentleness, sincerity and self-respect are a killer cocktail for the entire male population of the world.


Let us accept a priori that the ideal is something averaged. To get closer to it, you need to collect as many different components as possible (in our case, races and nationalities), stir well and highlight something in between. This is exactly what happened for many centuries and millennia on the territory of ancient Russia. Polish gentry, Scandinavian Vikings, Tatar, Caucasian and northern peoples - all mixed in the territory of Russia. The result is the most beautiful woman in the world.

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