Mikhail Krug: Biography Of The King Of Russian Chanson

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Mikhail Krug: Biography Of The King Of Russian Chanson
Mikhail Krug: Biography Of The King Of Russian Chanson

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Mikhail Krug is a bard, author and performer of songs, the most famous and popular representative of the Russian chanson, who was rightfully called the "king" in this direction. His most famous composition "Vladimirsky Central" is recognizable all over the world.

Mikhail Krug: biography of the king of Russian chanson
Mikhail Krug: biography of the king of Russian chanson

Mikhail Vladimirovich Krug (real name Vorobyov) was born in 1962 in the city of Kalinin, which is now called Tver. From an early age he was in love with the work of Vladimir Vysotsky. Perhaps, thanks to this, he learned to play the guitar and began to write poetry. By the way, he wrote his first work at the age of 14 in honor of his classmate. The circle tried to imitate Vysotsky in the manner of performing songs. Mikhail ran away from school, studied poorly, but his passion for songs and guitar remained unchanged.

The beginning of the creative path

In 1986, Krug met Svetlana, his future wife. She became the first producer of Mikhail, it was she who managed to convince the musician that his work must be made available to everyone. After all, up to this moment, all the songs written by the Circle went "to the table", and if they were performed, then in the circle of acquaintances and friends.

Svetlana insisted on constant performances of the musician, constantly offered participation in various competitions, recorded songs on audiocassettes. She personally sewed the first concert costumes and supported Mikhail in every possible way at the beginning of the journey. It is known that in 1996 his first full-fledged concert took place, but by that time he had already released four albums. In 1988, the son Dmitry was born, but, unfortunately, a year later they parted with Svetlana. The reason for the divorce was the numerous novels of the Circle.

Legend of Russian chanson

While still studying at the institute, Mikhail took part in the competition of the author's song, taking first place in it with his own creation "About Afghanistan". This was the impetus for serious creativity at a professional level. The bard Yevgeny Klyachkin also played a significant role; he saw the potential and talent of a novice bard.

The first three albums of Mikhail Krug were not officially published, however, almost all compositions were included in the subsequent ones. In 1994, with the release of his new work "Zhigan-Limon", the musician's creative destiny changed abruptly. The album, despite the specific name, contained not only thieves' songs, he and lyrical compositions. Thanks to this, the circle of admirers of the talent has expanded significantly.

Recognition outside the homeland

The circle performed in Germany, America, Israel, and everywhere it was met with success and deafening applause. And most importantly - the indisputable recognition of the talent and status of the king of chanson. The musician very often gave charity concerts in prisons. Critics admitted that it was Mikhail who managed to convey the special mood, thoughts, dreams and experiences of the prisoners in his songs.

Mikhail Krug began to perform songs not only of his own composition. So, a number of compositions for him were written by Alexander Belolebedinsky, "Svetochka" belongs to the pen of Leonid Efremov, and "Sparks in the fireplace", "Student" or "Chaim" are folk songs, previously performed by Arkady Severny.

The most famous song of the Circle "Vladimirsky Central" was included in the album "Madame". It is with her that the image of a musician is associated, it is believed that she is dedicated to Sasha Severny, the famous thief in law.

Tragic end

On the night of July 1, 2002, in his native Tver, Mikhail Krug was shot dead in his own house. Initially, there were many versions of the murder, but only one was confirmed - a robbery. The fact is that the admirers of the Circle's creativity were also respectable and wealthy citizens, who are called thieves in law. One of them once made an expensive gift to the musician in the form of a ring with diamonds. As the investigation established, it was this gift that became the target of the thieves who made their way into the Circle's house.Later, when law enforcement agencies detained the suspects, Mikhail's wife, Irina, pointed to one of them as the attacker on that fateful night.

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