How To Find Population Density

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How To Find Population Density
How To Find Population Density

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People are creatures that have inhabited all corners of the planet Earth. They live everywhere: in rugged forests, in hot desert, on fertile black earth, even on water. On average, according to the latest scientific data, there are 41 people per square kilometer of the Earth. To find out the population density, a value called population density was introduced, it is expressed by the number of permanent residents per unit of the total area of ​​the territory. As a rule, this value is measured in terms of the number of people per square kilometer.

How to find population density
How to find population density


Step 1

To calculate the population density of any territory, you need to know two values: the number of people and the size (area) of the territory. Both quantities must be brought into correspondence before producing a relationship between them. The first number is the number of people living on the specified piece of the planet. This value is a variable value, since people often move from settlements, finding all the best and convenient places for themselves and their relatives, or temporarily arrive in one or another place, for the purpose of rest, work, etc. Therefore, when calculating the number of people, only those people who live permanently in a given settlement are selected. If the settlement is small and all the residents are known permanently, you can count them "manually", but the authorities have already done this by conducting a population census, so that ready-made figures can be requested from the local administration or searched on the administrative websites of your city, village, etc. P.

Step 2

The second value is the area of ​​the settlement. It is almost impossible to accurately determine it on your own, without the help of special services. Moreover, the area of ​​all settlements is annually measured by geodetic, household technical inspections, due to the fact that slowly but surely there is an expansion of all human settlements. So, this value should also, for greater accuracy, be found out either on the city's websites, or in administrative services: BTI, administration of the settlement, etc. Be sure to pay attention to what the area is measured in square kilometers or in square meters. Both values ​​are correct, only when calculating it is necessary to indicate the given area value.

Step 3

Having learned both values: the number of permanent residents and the area of ​​the inhabited territory, the first number should be divided by the second. That is the number of inhabitants per square. The resulting number is the desired population density.

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