How To Find A Specific Person

How To Find A Specific Person
How To Find A Specific Person

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If the surname, name, patronymic of a person is known? you can find it quite simply. It's worth starting with social networks. A huge number of users from different countries are registered there. Basic data just need to be specified in the search bar. The site will display all profiles with similar characteristics.

How to find a specific person
How to find a specific person


Step 1

To start looking for a person using social networks, register on the sites. Enter your first name, last name, year of birth, place of residence on the form. Mark your contact details - email address and mobile phone. There you will receive a code to activate your account. Enter it on the line in the portal. A link will be sent to the virtual mailbox, completing the registration. After that, in the search form, set the necessary parameters - age, full name, date of birth of the person you are looking for. Carefully review all the questionnaires that appeared on the screen. Perhaps the right one will be among them.

Step 2

If searches on social networks do not bring any results, try to find the phone of the right person yourself. This can be done by asking for help from his parents, mutual friends, etc. Most likely, someone communicates with him and knows where to find him. The more people you notify that you are looking for a friend, the sooner you will receive the necessary information.

Step 3

In the event that you could not get information, contact one of the many private detective organizations. Knowing the last name, first name and patronymic, they will very quickly find the right person. The cost of the search work is two hundred to two hundred and fifty rubles. For this money, you will be provided with his registration address and home and mobile phone numbers.

Step 4

After going through all the instances and not getting a result, do not despair. Find a person will help the program "Wait for me". Fill out the form on the website or send a letter to the address: Mosvka, Akademika Korolev street, 12. Describe there all the signs you know. Indicate where the wanted person was last seen and where he may be expected to be. With the help of this program, about sixty people every week regain their relatives and friends.

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