How To Eat While Fasting In

How To Eat While Fasting In
How To Eat While Fasting In

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Fasting is one of the most important elements of a Christian's life. Its formal side is to abstain from food and amusements. However, there is another, deeper content - reaching heights on the spiritual path. None of them can be neglected. Basically, abstaining from food is a milestone that helps believers find their way and achieve spiritual development.

How to eat while fasting
How to eat while fasting

It is necessary

lean dishes


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The basic rules of abstinence from food during fasting are to refuse fast food, that is, food of animal origin. This includes all meat and dairy products and eggs. The use of fish is allowed, with the exception of strict fasts. Also, during strict fasts, the use of any alcohol is prohibited.

Step 2

During the fasting period, the main foods should be cereals, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and legumes. Cook porridge in water more often. Such food can be very varied. First, there are many types of cereals. And secondly, you can prepare vegetable gravies or grilled mushrooms for them - tasty, healthy and satisfying. Be sure to eat legumes - they become the main supplier of protein for the body during this period.

Step 3

Meals should be modest but balanced. Make sure to eat raw vegetables and fruits every day to get enough vitamins.

Step 4

These are the most general rules. And they can differ quite strongly depending on the type of fasting, some circumstances and on the physical condition of the fasting person. So, for example, concessions are made for pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and traveling. It is advisable to discuss each situation with the priest and take his blessing for fasting with restrictions. Priests always say that fasting should be “within our power,” that is, not harmful to health.

Step 5

The most important nutritional issue during fasting is not “what?”, But “how?”. Don't overdo food. Its amount should be sufficient to satisfy hunger, but in no case should you overeat. Lean products can be used to prepare delicious dishes and make a real feast. But will it be a post? Do not be cunning in this matter. There should be abstinence, which helps to think about your soul, and not just for a certain period of an exclusively vegetarian menu.

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