How To Get Irish Citizenship

How To Get Irish Citizenship
How To Get Irish Citizenship

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Ireland is a country with a rich historical heritage and a high standard of living. Residents of the country can safely move around the Schengen area using a visa-free regime. All this is very attractive for the flow of emigrants. You can use one of several methods to obtain Irish citizenship.

How to get Irish citizenship
How to get Irish citizenship


Step 1

Get a temporary residence permit in Ireland. This can be done by organizing your own business in the country. At the same time, the lack of experience in such activities will not prevent you from registering a company. Provide the embassy with an Irish bank statement that must have at least € 300,000 to open a company. You must also show your income tax return to prove it was legal. The amount of initial capital can be reduced if you organize a business together with a citizen of the country. The business must be profitable, since a work visa is issued for 3 years, and citizenship requires 5 years of continuous residence within the country. Therefore, the residence permit will need to be renewed, which will be possible only if the business is successful.

Step 2

Find a job that suits your profession. The position of an employee will also allow you to obtain a work visa. But it will be necessary to thoroughly gain a foothold in the labor collective in order to be able to extend the residence permit. It is easier to find such a job in Russia in a subsidiary of an Irish enterprise, and then transfer to the main office.

Step 3

Marry an Irish citizen. After 3 years of continuous residence in the country and confirmation that you are not going to get divorced, you can expect to receive citizenship. Better not to consider the option of a fictitious marriage, as you will often be checked by inspectors from the consulate.

Step 4

You can become an Irish citizen by birth or adoption. It is necessary that at least one of the child's parents is a resident of the country. But it must be remembered that citizenship must be obtained by the mother or father before the baby is born.

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