Chawla Juhi: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Chawla Juhi: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Chawla Juhi: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Chawla Juhi: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Chawla Juhi: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Indian film actress Juhi Chawla became famous in the late eighties. Moreover, films of this period with her participation were shown not only in India, but also in the USSR, where they always took great interest in Bollywood products. Juhi Chawla has starred in more than 90 films to date. In addition, she is a producer of several Indian films.

Chawla Juhi: biography, career, personal life
Chawla Juhi: biography, career, personal life

Actor career

Juhi Chawla (the name Juhi, by the way, can be translated from the Hindi language as "jasmine") was born in 1967. Since childhood, she wanted to become an actress. However, at first she showed herself as a model and winner of beauty contests. In 1984, the girl won the title of Miss India, and a little later took part in the Miss Universe contest.

Juhi's debut in cinema took place in 1986, she starred in the film "Possession of the Sultan", which, however, turned out to be a failure.

Two years later, the aspiring actress got the main role in the film "The Verdict" - a kind of adaptation of Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet". And this picture was simply an overwhelming success with both critics and viewers. The beauty of Ramshi in The Verdict earned Juhi a Filmfare Award for Best Debut and a nomination for Best Actress.

In 1989, the film "Viki Dada" was released, where Juhi Chawla played the main role again - the role of Shravani, the beloved of a young lawyer who decided to become a defender of the poor and disadvantaged.

In 1990, Juhi Chawla starred in the drama Paradise (directed by David Dhawan) as Jyoti, the sister of Kumar, a wealthy man who, after becoming president of the Association of Industrialists, faces serious problems … It should be noted that the films Paradise and The "verdict" can still be found on the Internet in Soviet dubbing.

Juhi Chawla became famous all over the world after she played Vaijayanti Ayer in the melodrama "Towards Love". According to the plot of this picture, the girl Vaijayanti, who escaped from her parents, once meets three children at the fair, who are in the care of a wealthy bachelor Rahul Malhotra. Children invite her to Rahul's house, they want her to play with them, because they are tired of the often changing nannies. One day Rahul notices a stranger, but decides not to drive her away, but to give her a job. Over time, feelings arise between them …

Then there were several more films with the participation of Juhi Chawla, which were enthusiastically received by Indian viewers - "Season of Love", "God Knows", "Crack", "How They Wiped His Nose to the Boss", etc.

In the 2000s, Juhi Chawla quite often began to appear in independent and auteur films. But in recent years, her play can again be seen in films intended for the mass audience. The most striking works of Juhi Chawla of recent times are roles in the films "The Pink Brotherhood" (2014), "Chalk and a Rag" (2016), "What I Felt When I Saw This Girl" (2019).

Other activities

In the early 2000s, together with actor Shahrukh Khan and husband - businessman Jai Mehta Juhi Chawla, she founded Dreamz Unlimited and started producing. She has served as a producer in such Indian films as Quivering Hearts (2000), The Emperor (2001) and Roads of Love (2003). In 2004, Dreamz Unlimited was renamed Red Chillies Entertainment.

In 2008, Red Chillies Entertainment (Chawla at that time was still one of the owners of this company) acquired more than 50% of the shares of the Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team, which plays in the Indian Premier League. By the way, in 2012 and 2014 the Kolkata Knight Riders club was able to become the champion of the Indian championship.

Personal life

Actress Juhi Chawla became the wife of entrepreneur Jay Meht in 1995, according to reports. The girl's career was then on the rise, and therefore, in order to avoid gossip, Juhi and Jay got married in secret, in another country. This wedding was attended only by the family members of the newlyweds and the closest friends.

The couple currently have two children: in 2001, a daughter, Janvi, was born, and in 2003, a son, Arjun.

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