Decker Brooklyn: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Decker Brooklyn: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Decker Brooklyn: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Decker Brooklyn: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Decker Brooklyn: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Brooklyn Decker is an American film and television actress, popular catwalk and fashion model. Her film debut took place in 2007. The actress can be seen in such famous projects as "Grace and Frankie", "Adhesive plaster", "Driver for the night", "Ugly".

Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Daniel Decker-Roddick was born in Ohio, USA. Date of birth: April 12, 1987. Brooklyn's hometown is Kettering. The girl's parents had nothing to do with art or creativity. The mother, whose name is Tessa, was a nurse by profession. Father - Stephen - worked in sales. However, external data and natural talents allowed Brooklyn to get into show business, become a famous model and a sought-after actress.

Brooklyn Decker biography facts

Brooklyn spent her childhood and adolescence in North Carolina. The girl grew up in a provincial town called Charlotte.

Despite the interest in art and creativity, for notable natural talents, Brooklyn in her childhood did not dream of an acting career and did not plan to get into the modeling business. Due to the fact that there were always a lot of animals in the house, at first Brooklyn dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. But gradually she began to be carried away by politics. As a result, Decker wanted to build a career in this direction. She dreamed that she would even be able to take the post of President of the United States.

When Brooklyn began her education at school, she attended a theater club. However, the girl spent much more time on sports. She played football and was a full-time cheerleader in high school.

At the age of fifteen, Brooklyn Decker was fascinated by fashion. And already at sixteen, the girl signed a contract with a modeling agency. As a model, she started working for "Mauri Simone" advertising evening wear. From that moment on, her career in the modeling business began to develop rapidly.

In 2003, Brooklyn Decker was named the most sought-after and talented young model. After receiving such an honorary title, Brooklyn began filming for various glossy publications. Her photographs appeared not only on the centerfolds of magazines, they also graced the covers.

Since 2005, the artist has been collaborating with the popular sports magazine "Sport Illustrated". A little later, Brooklyn began working with Victoria's Secret, trying herself as a runway model.

Despite a successful career in the modeling business, Brooklyn was very attracted to cinema. She wanted to star in films and work on television. In addition, for an acting career, she had both external data and talent. Therefore, Dekker gradually began to attend various castings and selections, trying to get a role in any project.

The start of her acting career happened in 2007. Then episodes of the series "Ugly", in which Brooklyn starred, were released. The TV show itself was broadcast until the end of 2010. After such a debut, Brooklyn Decker began to regularly receive invitations to work in various projects, and her acting career took off.

Development of an acting career

After her first work on the series, Brooklyn continued to appear on television. She has appeared in projects such as Chuck, Dear Doctor, League.

The first full-length film with the participation of the young actress was Pretend My Wife. It premiered in 2011. Brooklyn played a character named Palmer. In the same year, Dekker got into the cast of the television series "New Girl", which was produced until 2018.

In 2012, the artist's filmography was replenished with two large projects at once. Brooklyn has starred in films such as What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Baby and Battleship. Both films were well received by the public and critics.

In subsequent years, the actress starred in the following projects: "Friends have a better life", "Driver for the night", "Grace and Frankie", "Random connections", "Support the girls."

Love, relationships and personal life

In 2007, Brooklyn met a tennis player named Andy Roddick. A romantic relationship quickly developed between the young people.

In 2009, Brooklyn and Andy became wife and husband. In 2015, the first child appeared in this family - a son, who was named Hank. And in 2017, a daughter was born - Stevie.

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