Valentin Konovalov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Valentin Konovalov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Valentin Konovalov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Valentin Konovalov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Valentin Konovalov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
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Few of the politicians have succeeded or are able to achieve such career heights in 10 years that Valentin Konovalov reached. At the age of 31, he became the governor of Khakassia, and not by appointment, but by election results.

Valentin Konovalov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Valentin Konovalov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Experts are confident that Konovalov's victory in the gubernatorial elections in Khakassia is natural - he is one of the few politicians who draws attention to the need to reduce the maintenance costs and image needs of government bodies at any level. During the pre-election events, Valentin Konovalov suggested directing the main forces not to attracting new investors to the republic, but to optimizing the resources and enterprises that are here and now. So who is he - Valentin Konovalov, where was he born, what kind of education did he receive and how did he reach unprecedented career heights in the shortest possible time?

Biography of the Governor of Khakassia Valentin Konovalov

The future successful politician was born in the city of Okhotsk, in an ordinary working-class family, in November 1987. From early childhood, the boy's parents were demanding of him, there was no indulgence in anything.

Valentin received his basic education in Norilsk, in one of the city's grammar schools. Already in primary school, the boy showed that knowledge for him is more important than children's pranks and fun. He was actively involved in sports, was one of the best actors in the theater studio in the gymnasium, read a lot, and, according to him, he was thinking about the career of a politician by the age of 16. The choice of a specialized education was obvious - jurisprudence.


In 2005, Valentin Konovalov became a student at the Katanov University of Khakassia, in 2010 he graduated with honors and entered graduate school. In his second year of graduate school, Valentin began to practice law. But his political career began much earlier, and in this area he felt much more comfortable than in the legal profession.

The first career steps of Valentin Konovalov

During his studies at the university, Valentin Konovalov was an active social activist, willingly attended political events. Speeches by representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation made a particularly strong impression on him, and immediately after the meeting, the young man expressed a desire to join its ranks.


All political activity of Valentin Konovalov is connected with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. And his career growth, according to analysts and experts, is quite active:

  • 2009 - the post of the secretary of the Komsomol organization of Khakassia,
  • 2011 - the post of legal adviser in the mass media of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of republican significance, head of the legal service of the party in the KhRO,
  • 2015 - Secretary of the regional branch of the Communist Party,
  • 2017 - the nomination of his candidacy to the Central Committee of the Communist Party,
  • 2018 - the post of the first secretary of the branch of the Communist Party in Khakassia.

Party members Valentin Konovalov celebrate his leadership inclinations, active political and social position. According to them, Valentin pays special attention to the development of the social sphere, the economy, does not accept duplicity and hypocrisy, it can be harsh, but within the bounds of decency.

Valentin Konovalov - Governor of Khakassia

The path to the post of governor was not easy for the young politician. He had to survive in the fight against an experienced manager - the current head of the republic, Viktor Mikhailovich Zimin, a representative of the ruling party of the Russian Federation.

The elections for the governor of Khakassia were held in two stages. The second round had to be held because none of the candidates crossed the required threshold - 50%.

Two days before the second round, Zimin withdrew his candidacy. This was a surprise both for the residents of Khakassia, for local and federal politicians, and for Valentin Konovalov himself. According to the legislation, Zimin's place in the second round was taken by the next candidate by the number of votes - Filyagin Andrey.

As a result of this development of events, the second round of voting took place much later - on November 11, 2018, and not on September 23, as planned.

Valentin Konovalov took over as governor of Khakassia on November 15, and immediately after taking the oath, the new head of the republic began to form the regional government. Not everyone liked the changes introduced and the castling of positions, but the new governor was adamant.

The selection of applicants for the governor's office was conducted not by party affiliation, but by professional qualities. For some positions, candidates were selected on a competitive basis.

Personal life of Valentin Konovalov

Konovalov is married, is a father of many children - he and his wife Svetlana have two daughters and a son. His wife supports Valentine in all his endeavors, be it politics or hobbies, which are enough in their lives. It remains only to wonder how the Konovalov couple manage to raise three children at the same time and not abandon their favorite hobbies:

  • sport,
  • fiction,
  • philosophy.

Both Valentin and Svetlana love classical prose and poetry. The head of the family even tries himself - he writes poetry, and not bad, according to critics.

Valentin also goes in for sports at home, in the gym, with a professional trainer. After winning the gubernatorial elections, according to him, there is very little time left for hobbies, but Valentin tries not to forget about them.


On his desktop there is always a book authored by the classics, or a philosophical work. The young governor of Khakassia believes that reading helps to calm down, rethink questions that are difficult to find answers to, and make the right decisions.

The children of the Konovalovs are brought up in severity. Valentin often says that he is grateful to his parents who raised him in some asceticism and traditions of Soviet times. For his girls and his son, he tries to create conditions that will help them become successful, appreciate everything that is given by work and diligence.

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