How To Get Your Rewards Back

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How To Get Your Rewards Back
How To Get Your Rewards Back

Video: How To Get Your Rewards Back

Video: How To Get Your Rewards Back
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The loss of the award is a heavy blow for the recipient, especially if he is an elderly person. If you accidentally find a lost order, do not be lazy to return it to its owner. Veterans are registered in many organizations, information about the awards is usually there, and returning to the veteran what he honestly deserves will require minimal effort and very little time.

How to get your rewards back
How to get your rewards back

It is necessary

  • - reward;
  • - phonebook;
  • - for veterans who would like to restore lost awards - a certificate from the Department of Internal Affairs about theft and documents for awards.


Step 1

If you find an order or medal, examine them carefully. The order has an identification number, which greatly simplifies your task. Medals were not always numbered, but this does not mean that the owner cannot be found.

Step 2

Go to the Archive Research website. By number, you can find a registration card, award sheets and an order for awarding a private. If an officer is awarded the order, then the archive also contains a record card, a card of irrecoverable losses and a prisoner of war card. Of course, the address of the person you need will not be given there, but you will find out the last name, first name and patronymic in any case.

Step 3

Three organizations will help you find the owner - the military enlistment office, the council of veterans and the committee for social protection of the population. The military commissariat deals, of course, only with military personnel, but in the other two organizations there is usually information about the recipients who received orders and medals for labor achievements. Find out the office hours, go to the appropriate institution and state the essence of the issue. Maybe you don't need to go anywhere else - the employees will hand over the reward to the owner themselves. You can also try to find the recipient on your own, using the telephone directory or through the address desk.

Step 4

Situations are not uncommon when the order bearer himself seeks to return the lost awards. Natural disasters, thefts, and people serving in "hot spots" may lose their medals during hostilities. In this case, we are not talking about the return of the lost, but about the issuance of a duplicate. The relevant statement must be addressed to the head of the municipal administration. State the circumstances under which you lost your awards. If the reason is recognized as valid (that is, the recipient did not have the opportunity to keep their orders and medals), the head of the administration will apply to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for personnel issues and state awards.

Step 5

If you have any award documents, please attach them to your application. If they are absent, send a request to the appropriate archive. Most often, this is the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense. You can request the certificate you need directly through its official website by correctly filling in all the required fields. If the awards are stolen, also attach a certificate from the local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that you applied there.