Does Japan Have Its Own Army

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Does Japan Have Its Own Army
Does Japan Have Its Own Army

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Two years after the end of World War II, the Constitution came into force in Japan, according to which the country was prohibited from having an army. Japan was also deprived of the right to use military force as a means of resolving international conflicts. However, over time, the country's ruling circles decided that such a situation did not meet the national interests of Japan.

Does Japan have its own army
Does Japan have its own army

Japan: an army that doesn't exist

The revival of Japanese military power was outlined half a century ago. During this period, Japan became a key link in US policy against the Soviet Union and communist China. The American government ignored all international obligations and in September 1951 concluded a separate peace treaty with Japan. After that, American troops were able to equip military bases on the Ryukyu Islands. The Japanese were given the opportunity to create "allied" armed forces. They received the humble name of the "self-defense forces".

Much later, in 2007, the Japanese National Defense Administration achieved ministry status. On this occasion, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that it was time to abandon the post-war state of affairs and return due respect to the national army.

The country's leadership believes that the rejection of the previously adopted principles of peacefulness and the restoration of the military spirit of the Japanese nation will be able to introduce Japan into the number of full-fledged powers.

Features of the Japan Self-Defense Forces

In 1991, the Japan Self-Defense Forces were first involved in peacekeeping operations conducted under the auspices of the UN in Iraq (the so-called "Desert Storm"). Subsequently, Japanese troops contributed to the strengthening of stability in Palestine and Cambodia, as well as in Afghanistan. Under the new regulation, operations outside Japan were included in the main tasks of the self-defense forces.

The Land Forces are considered the largest in the Japanese self-defense forces: they number more than 150 thousand people. They include: infantry, missile units, armored units, anti-aircraft missile troops, airborne assault forces. The military leadership focuses on strengthening the tank fleet.

The Japanese Air Force is about 45 thousand people and includes tactical fighter aircraft, air defense aircraft, special, reconnaissance and transport aircraft.

There are also subdivisions of radio-technical troops and logistic support forces in the military formations.

More than 40 thousand people serve in the Japanese Navy. These units and connections are considered to be among the most powerful in the region. The task of the Navy is to fight the fleet of a potential enemy, carry out amphibious operations, and support the ground forces. The country's naval forces are capable of controlling an area with a radius of about 1,000 miles from the Japanese islands.

In addition to everything, the United States helped Japan build a perfect air defense system for the islands. American specialists are helping the Japanese military department to operate missile systems.

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