How To Write A Letter To America

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How To Write A Letter To America
How To Write A Letter To America

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Strengthening business and friendly ties between the two countries requires constant exchange of correspondence. However, if you want to write a letter, for example, in the United States, you must adhere to certain rules in its preparation and execution.

How to write a letter to America
How to write a letter to America


Step 1

Please note: official letters can be sent in hard copy. A friendly and loving correspondence assumes that a person will not be lazy and will write a letter by hand.

Step 2

The address "Dear" in an official letter will mean "Dear", while in personal correspondence - "Dear", so if you do not know or do not remember another form of address in English, in any case there will be no mistake. The main differences are as follows: in personal correspondence it will be quite enough if you address the person by their first name (even if this is the first letter from you), but in the business letter, the address must indicate the surname (or surname and first name) of the addressee and add Mr. Mrs. or Miss (mister, mrs, miss). In general it will look like this: “Dear Mr. Smith "(" Dear Mr. Smith ").

Step 3

It is customary to begin the text with gratitude for the message received. In the event that you are the initiator of the correspondence, and this is your first letter, be sure to introduce yourself and only then indicate the reason for contacting the addressee.

Step 4

At the end of the letter, be sure to express your hope for the continuation of the correspondence (cooperation) and confirm the sincerity of your words and respect for the addressee using one of the wordings accepted in such cases. So, in a business letter, before your name and surname, you can write: "Faithfully yours, …" ("Sincerely, …") or "Cordially yours, …" ("Sincerely yours, …"), while in a personal message it is enough to write "As ever, …" ("Always yours, …"). At the end of the wording, indicate your first and last name (for a personal letter, the name will suffice).

Step 5

Indicate your first and last name in the upper left corner of the envelope, and the addressee's first and last name (with the obligatory addition of Mr., Mrs. or Miss) - slightly to the right of the middle of the envelope at the bottom.

Step 6

Observe the order of the recipient and sender addresses. So, the recipient's address will be written in the reverse order to which the inhabitants of Russia are accustomed: apartment, house, street, city, zip code (5 digits), country. A US address may also contain an abbreviated state name.

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