Who Are The Shaitans, Ifrites, Ghouls And Marids

Who Are The Shaitans, Ifrites, Ghouls And Marids
Who Are The Shaitans, Ifrites, Ghouls And Marids

Video: Who Are The Shaitans, Ifrites, Ghouls And Marids

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Video: Djinn elemental beings Jan-Earth, Marid-Water, Ifrit-Fire, Shayateen-Spirit/Darkness. 2023, February

In Arab fairy tales, you can often find mythical creatures, disembodied spirits that were created from flames. According to the views of Muslims, these creatures were created by Allah. Djinn - spirits of fire were constantly at odds with each other. In order to end the war, the Creator sent them Iblis - a learned genie. This is analogous to the Christian Lucifer. Jinn have freedom of choice. Some of them serve their Creator, while others worship Iblis.

Who are the shaitans, ifrites, ghouls and marids
Who are the shaitans, ifrites, ghouls and marids

What are the Genies

Shaitan is a spirit that has gone over to the side of evil.

Ifrit is the soul of a person who died a violent death. Each drop of the victim's blood becomes Ifrit. These entities roam the Earth looking for their killer. Ifrit has a translucent body, his eyes are bloodshot.

Marid is a disembodied asexual spirit, patronized by the element of Water. Marids can manipulate time. These spirits rarely come into contact with humans.

Ghoul has a disgusting appearance. A terrible smell comes from him. These entities live in cemeteries, in the desert, and in abandoned wells. Ghouls dig up graves and eat corpses. They can attack lonely wanderers and travelers.

Where do the genies live

Djinn appeared much earlier than humans and live in our world. An ordinary person cannot see them, because the spirits of the flame are not perceived by any of the 5 basic human senses.

The genie often becomes a slave to some object, such as a lamp or a ring. The person who becomes the owner of this magical item will be the master of the Genie. The Spirit will be obliged to fulfill all his desires.

Arabs believe that fire spirits appear on the streets at nightfall. People try not to sit on the steps after sunset, but as they climb the stairs, they say the name of the Almighty.

Why are fire demons dangerous?

Shaitans and spirits in the service of Iblis try to confuse and confuse a person. They can spoil him and force him to do bad deeds.

Shaitans and Ifrites can kidnap a girl before the wedding, and bring various misfortunes and illnesses to a person.

Sometimes demons can take over a person's body. You can get rid of them with the help of special verses from the Koran, which are able to drive out the evil spirit.

Shaitans eavesdrop on people's thoughts and can even help fulfill cherished desires, but they do it in such a way that it only makes a person worse.

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