Social Advertising As A Factor

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Social Advertising As A Factor
Social Advertising As A Factor

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The main purpose of social advertising is to influence the worldview of people. Such advertising humanizes society and instills ideas of a healthy lifestyle, refusal from alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Social advertising is a powerful behavioral-shaping factor.

Social advertising as a factor
Social advertising as a factor

Social advertising is used to influence generally accepted patterns of social behavior. Typically, these advertisements are ordered by the government or non-profit organizations. Modern social advertising is used to promote the rejection of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, environmental protection, compliance with traffic rules, etc.

History of social advertising

The first public service advertisement appeared in 1906 in the United States, when the American Civil Association issued posters calling for the protection of Niagara Falls from the harm done by energy companies.

Social advertising can also be used to mobilize society. For example, in 1917, a poster with "Uncle Sam" appeared in the United States encouraging people to join the ranks of the American army. A similar poster appeared in the 1940s in the USSR and was called "The Motherland Calls!"

Advertising as a humanizing factor

Social advertising can act as a factor shaping social norms, humanizing modern society. Unlike conventional advertising, it acts on a deep, ideological level. Social advertising is aimed at recognizing universal human values, uniting people. She is able to form the cultural basis of society, form an ideology, and promote national interests.

Modern public service announcements address issues such as hunger and poverty in developing countries, illiteracy, protecting forests from fires, using child seats and seat belts in cars, caring for the elderly, etc.

Competitions and festivals

Nowadays, social advertising contests are periodically held in different countries. The main annual event is the IAA Responsibility Awards festival, which is hosted by the International Advertising Association. Russia also regularly hosts specialized events aimed at popularizing social advertising. These include the National Competition "New Space of Russia", youth and student, regional festivals of social advertising.

Social advertising problems

Unfortunately, social advertising is used very little in Russia. Despite tax breaks, it accounts for less than one percent of the entire Russian advertising market.

Another disadvantage of social advertising is the desire to convey the message to the viewer using harsh methods, shocking video sequences. For example, an advertising campaign for the Melbourne subway, dedicated to transport safety issues, was called "Stupid Ways to Die" and was a series of videos, in each of which the heroes of the plot died.

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