Yana Aleksandrovna Troyanova: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Yana Aleksandrovna Troyanova: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Yana Aleksandrovna Troyanova: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Yana Aleksandrovna Troyanova: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Yana Aleksandrovna Troyanova: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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Probably, every viewer of the TNT channel has watched the series "Olga" at least once. Well, the main role in it was played by the talented actress Yana Troyanova. The pictures in which the celebrity starred are original, but certainly deserve attention.

Yana Troyanova
Yana Troyanova


Yana Troyanova was born in Yekaterinburg. Her mother worked as a secretary at the university. Yana's father never found out about pregnancy, since he was officially married to another woman. It is for this reason that Viktor Smirnov was also not recorded in the girl's birth certificate. In the column, Yana's mother's father indicated: "Alexander Sergeevich", meaning Pushkin. So, Yana got a patronymic - Alexandrovna, and she got her surname from her maternal grandfather - Mokritskaya. As Yana herself says, Troyanov's pseudonym was invented by her mother, whom she calls a humorist.

A huge contribution to Yana's upbringing was made by her grandmother, the mother almost immediately after the birth of the child went to work. When the girl was five years old, her grandmother died of cancer. Yana did not feel the urge to study, she was considered a real hooligan. After graduating from school, Yana and her mother move to Vladivostok, for several years she did not go anywhere, trying to figure out exactly what she wants to achieve in life.


At the age of twenty-three, Yana entered the Ural State University at the Faculty of Philosophy. The girl received her second higher education at the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute, she studied under the guidance of V. Anisimov. Without interrupting her studies, Troyanova played on the stages of the Teatron and Kolyada Theater.

The first theater course turned out to be fateful for the actress - she met her future husband Vasily Sigarev, a famous playwright at that time. Cooperation during the production of the play "Black Milk" brought the young people closer together, and a little later they formed a couple.


Troyanova followed Sigarev and in 2009 played a role in his debut film "The Volchok". The genre of the picture is a psychological drama. The tape reveals some details from Yana's life, some episodes were written by the actress herself.

Critics took the tape "with a bang", the audience was shocked by the severity and hopelessness with which the picture was saturated through and through. Troyanova became the owner of such prestigious awards as "Kinotavr" and the prize named after Alexander Abdulov as part of the "Spirit of Fire-2010" festival.

The drama "To Live", the second film in which Troyanova starred, also brought Yana a worthy reward. The actress received the first "Nika" in her life.

Later, the girl was awarded an award in the Kinotavr nomination for Best Actress for her participation in the film Cococo. The Ural provincial Vika was played by Yana perfectly.

Yana Troyanova
Yana Troyanova

Other tapes in which Yana Troyanova brilliantly played:

  1. “Heavenly Wives of the Meadow Mari” (2013);
  2. "Nearby" (2014);
  3. The Land of Oz (2015);
  4. The series "Olga" (2016).

Personal life

For the first time, Yana got married immediately after school. However, the marriage soon fell apart. In 1990, his son Nikolai was born. Konstantin Shirinkin - that was the name of the artist's first husband - was fond of alcohol and more than once raised his hand against his wife. Yana left her husband after he broke her nose.

The actress had to go through many troubles, including the death of her own child. At the age of 20, Nikolai committed suicide. The woman has no other children.

Yana Troyanova and Vasily Sigarev
Yana Troyanova and Vasily Sigarev

At the moment, Yana Troyanova is supported in everything by her current husband, Vasily Sigarev, whom she married in 2003.

Yana steadfastly carries sorrows and hardships on herself, but at the same time does not hide from fans, maintains a page on Instagram, uploads photos and videos.