How To Write A Request For Help

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How To Write A Request For Help
How To Write A Request For Help

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Sometimes people find themselves in a situation where all the possibilities to cope with a disaster on their own have been exhausted. In this case, it remains to hope for the help of charitable foundations or people who do not remain indifferent to the grief of others.

How to write a request for help
How to write a request for help

It is necessary

  • - access to the Internet;
  • - own site.


Step 1

It is necessary to understand that a request for help should be written when there are simply no other options left. For example, a child is seriously ill, while the state cannot (does not want) to help him. Usually, the refusal is motivated by the fact that large funds are needed for treatment, and such expenses are not provided for in the local and federal budgets.

Step 2

How to write a request for help, where to go? First of all, try to contact charities. One of the most famous is the Grant Life Foundation. Go to the main page of the fund, then open the "Patients" tab. Perhaps you will find the information you need there.

Step 3

You can find several similar funds on the net. Unfortunately, they cannot help everyone, moreover, very often time is the decisive factor. Many people simply cannot expect help for years - what if you find yourself in just such a situation?

Step 4

There is a way out - create your own website or ask those who are well versed in this matter for help in creating it. You can create a good website in a matter of days, but you need to make it in several languages. It's good if you manage to get support in this matter from well-known charitable sites, at least informational. There are many scammers on the network, so it often happens that a person would be happy to help, but fears deception. The support of a well-known site in this case will be a very good help.

Step 5

Once you've created your site, place your request for help on as many resources as possible. It is very good if you can attract volunteers to this work. In this case, your request will be replicated on hundreds of resources both in the Russian Internet and in other segments of the network.

Step 6

When creating a text message, take into account the psychology of people. The text should not be too large, since not everyone will read a lengthy narrative. Enough two hundred words in which it is necessary to clearly describe the existing problem. If we are talking about helping a child, be sure to attach his photo, do not forget to include a link to your website.

Step 7

Remember that very often people do not feel sorry for money, especially a small amount, but sorry for the time spent. When it comes to donating, make the donation process as simple as possible. Specify the details for transferring money in the most common payment systems. Be sure to keep fundraising statistics visible to everyone on the main site.

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