How To Make A Gratitude

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How To Make A Gratitude
How To Make A Gratitude

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Secretarial work is a specialty in demand in educational institutions. A competent secretary can, without problems and delays, draw up all the necessary documents and fill out all the official forms, including the gratitude.

How to make a gratitude
How to make a gratitude


Step 1

Buy standard or order letterhead thank you letterheads.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the rules of word usage when drafting official documents (official business style). A neutral tone of presentation will be considered the norm of business etiquette. Subjective assessment of the merits, achievements or results of the work performed should be minimized.

Step 3

Pay special attention to the rules for using abbreviations and symbols of administrative and monetary units, names of organizations and positions, as well as units of measurement in business writing. There should be no mistakes in the spelling of official names, terms, positions, geographical names (for example, in the title of the position “President of the Russian Federation” all words are written with a capital letter).

Step 4

Fill in all the required fields of the letter form: - name of the sending organization (or individual);

- name of the recipient organization (or individual);

- surname and initials of the sender;

- the name and initials of the recipient;

- the position of the sender;

- the position of the recipient.

Step 5

Start the design of the letter of thanks with the words: - "Thank you for the services rendered …";

- "We express our gratitude to you for …";

- “Let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for …” Despite the fact that in such letters a freer style of presentation is allowed than in other official papers, the form of gratitude itself should be more restrained than when expressing it, for example, in personal contact … However, in the text of the letter, it is allowed (and sometimes encouraged) to indicate the surname, first name and patronymic in full.

Step 6

Next, indicate which merits, achievements or results of the work performed were the reason for writing such a letter.

Step 7

Express your hope for continued cooperation with an organization or individual. You can also point out what you, on your part, are doing to develop the relationship.

Step 8

Sign the letter by affixing the seal of the organization, indicating the date of the letter of thanks and signing.

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