How To Make A Home Puppet Theater

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How To Make A Home Puppet Theater
How To Make A Home Puppet Theater

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Staging a home play is an interesting and responsible business. Children begin to feel like real artists and artists, They are looking forward to when their mother will make the next doll, and they are ready to make the scenery themselves. Don't be discouraged. Better show how to make a house or tree so that they can be fixed on the screen. Try to make puppets in the same style so that you can use them in different performances.

How to make a home puppet theater
How to make a home puppet theater

It is necessary

  • - Knitting;
  • - shreds;
  • - old mittens and gloves;
  • - cardboard tubes;
  • - boxes from household appliances;
  • - colored paper;
  • - foam rubber;
  • - cardboard;
  • - gouache;
  • - brushes;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - 2 chairs;
  • - large board;
  • - bedspread;
  • - rope;
  • - wooden beams;
  • - door hinges;
  • - carpentry tools.


Step 1

Start preparing for the show with a script. It is most convenient to write it on a computer. Find the fairy tale you want. Write down what characters and decorations you need. Write down what is on the stage when the action begins. It looks something like this. “Forest glade. There is a hut on chicken legs under the trees. A cat is sleeping near the threshold. " List words by role and actions of the characters.

Step 2

Theatrical puppets are different. Gloves are most suitable for home theater. Visit your nearest toy store. Perhaps there is something suitable there, since theatrical puppets are sold individually and in sets. Try to match them so that they match the style.

Step 3

If the dolls you want are not available in the store, make them yourself. It will be even better, since you can make the characters according to the size of each actor's hand. Perhaps you have gloves lying around, a pair of which is lost, or old mittens. They can come in very handy. At the glove, cut off the tips of your index and middle fingers. Cut them lengthwise so that the cuts touch each other. Do the same with your ring finger and little finger.

Step 4

Sew the slices of the index and middle fingers in pairs. Do the same with the ring and little fingers. Instead of five fingers on the glove, it turned out to be three. Use scraps or pieces of fur to make arms or paws. Cut out 2 small circles, gather them along the edge with a needle-forward seam, insert small pieces of foam and tighten. Sew the balls onto the hands of the toy.

Step 5

Make a head. This is also a circle made of fabric or border. In the same way as for making hands, gather a circle around the edge, fill in and tighten. Connect the head and torso with a cardboard tube and sew. Decorate the head as you like. Facial features can be embroidered or applique made from pieces of felt. Hair is made from fur or wool. At the same time, the threads are folded in half and sewn to the head in a checkerboard pattern. To make the bunny or bear have ears, insert pieces of cardboard into them. You can use heads from broken toys.

Step 6

Take care of the screen. If you don't have a real one yet, stretch a rope across the room and hang a blanket over it. However, in this case, the opportunity to put the scenery is very small. You can decorate the screen itself with flowers or trees. For a more solid screen, you need to take 2 chairs and a board. Place the chairs with their backs to each other at some distance, and put a board on top. Drape the structure You can put both a house made from a cardboard box and trees on it.

Step 7

Feeling that your hobby for theater is serious and for a long time, make a real screen. It can be large or portable and placed on a table. You will need 3 boards of equal length and 2 or 4 door hinges. Connect the boards with door hinges.Nail wide wooden blocks on the bottom of the screen so that it is stable. You can make a stationary drapery, or you can simply close the screen with a piece of fabric.

Step 8

Decorations are attached to such a screen with buttons or studs. Try to create a set that fits multiple performances. You can also make double-sided decorations. For example, the house will be wooden on one side, and brick on the other.

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