Who Are The Amish?

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Who Are The Amish?
Who Are The Amish?

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The Amish are representatives of a religious movement that is closely associated with the Protestant faith. Some call them sectarians, others - special, but one thing is indisputable: their way of life is radically different from the secular.

Who are the Amish?
Who are the Amish?

The origin of the movement

The Amish emerged in the late 18th century as followers of the ideas of Jacob Amman, who is known as the Alsatian preacher of Anabaptism. This was preceded by the events of the so-called split of the Mennonites (adherents of a branch of Protestantism). Jacob Amman insisted on especially strict adherence to the biblical canons, which not all Mennonites agreed to observe, so he formed a group of people who shared his views. Thus the Amish came into being. Mostly they came from three places in Europe: Switzerland (where they spoke German), Alsace (now this territory belongs to France) and Kurpfalz (a German city). The Amish movement was not unquestioningly accepted by society, so many of them had to emigrate to the United States, where most of them now live. There are now over two hundred thousand adherents of this movement in the world.

How the Amish live and think

The Amish perceive the text of the Bible without the notorious associations, understand it in its literal sense, clearly observing the messages of the Lord. They have their own church document "Ordnung", which prohibits them from using the achievements of scientific and technological progress and various public goods. Phones, cars, sophisticated clothing, electricity - all of these are considered unworthy of their lives.

The Amish oppose violence and do not serve in the army, children are given only basic education to prepare them for agricultural work, which is the main activity of members of the movement, an alternative to this is teaching various crafts that are useful for their lives. The Amish do not have religious buildings, they gather in groups and conduct worship at home, and the role of the pastor is given by chance, no one is specially prepared for this.

Amish can use public transport, this is not a taboo for them, but most often they can be found in a cart with a harnessed horse. Before marriage, the Amish do not have sexual intercourse; after entering into official relations, men grow a beard all their lives, and it is prohibited by law to encroach on its length. The Amish wear the simplest clothing made from cotton, linen and other natural materials.

Families usually have many children. The Amish can only start a family with members of this movement. Due to the closed, unusual way of life of the Amish, they are often called sectarians. Baptism for the Amish takes place at the age of 16, before that, according to custom, he is given a short period when he can "walk up" before his future life, gaining complete freedom. He is even given the right not to return to the community, but such a decision is rarely made by future Amish.

The Amish are not hermits, but people who worship God and his scriptures. Perhaps, by giving up such huge opportunities for existence, they acquire something more - freedom.

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