Boris Shcherbakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Boris Shcherbakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Boris Shcherbakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Boris Shcherbakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Boris Shcherbakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: Щербаков - спецназ, панк-рок, любовь (English subs) 2023, December

The question of who Boris Shcherbakov is can be answered by any Russian - a unique actor, a whole era in Soviet and Russian cinema, a handsome man. But about his biography and personal life, few people know the truth, most of the artist's fans are content with rumors and speculation in the press.

Boris Shcherbakov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Boris Shcherbakov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Calling Boris Shcherbakov a pensioner hardly anyone will turn their tongue, although the actor is already well over 60. He is still handsome, in demand in the profession, active and positive. The press still allows itself to publish rumors about novels on the side, and this is not surprising, because the million-strong army of his fans will never pass by the publication with his photo on the cover. But what he is like in life, what is remarkable about his biography, how his personal life developed, few people know.

Biography of actor Boris Shcherbakov

Boris Vasilievich was born in post-war Leningrad, in November 1949. The family of a simple driver and factory worker with two children and a grandmother huddled in a room in a communal apartment. Little Borya loved to watch the Gulf of Finland from the window and dreamed of becoming a real sea captain, but fate decreed otherwise.

At the age of 12, the boy accidentally got into the cinema - he was selected to play a small role in the film "Mandate", and this was a turning point. Boris dreamed of cinema, dreamed of significant roles, recalling the director's praises, he was sure that he would easily enter LGITMiK.


Immediately after graduating from high school, Boris Shcherbakov, inspired by a dream, appeared before the admissions committee of the university, but was eliminated from the number of applicants for admission in the third round. But in the Institute of Culture of Leningrad he was accepted willingly, and he began to master the profession of a director.

In his first year of study at the institute, Boris accidentally found out that a unique Moscow Art Theater actor Pavel Massalsky was recruiting his course in Moscow. The young man simply could not miss such a chance, and went to the capital, but was late for the exams. Then he just watched Pavel Vladimirovich and said bluntly: "I want to learn from you." Such arrogance struck, but also amused the master, and he decided to take an assertive applicant to his course.

Theatrical career of the actor Boris Shcherbakov

After completing the course of Pavel Massalsky at the Moscow Art Theater School, Boris Shcherbakov was invited to play in the troupe of the theater. He served there for 31 years, played a huge number of iconic roles. He made his debut in The Steelworkers in 1972, followed by more serious roles in classical works. As a theatrical actor, the audience remembers Boris Shcherbakov from the following performances:

  • "Valentine and Valentine",
  • "Leaving, look around"
  • "The Cherry Orchard",
  • "Barbarians"
  • "Seagull" and others.

Shcherbakov's departure from the Moscow Art Theater was difficult; the new artistic director, Tabakov, simply did not renew his contract with him after the death of Oleg Efremov. But this did not negatively affect the development of the theatrical career of the artist. He managed to remain in demand, and now plays in entreprise and performances, tours the country.

Filmography of Boris Shcherbakov

Who else from his contemporaries can boast of such an extensive filmography as Boris Shcherbakov. Almost 250 movie roles - this figure speaks not only of the actor's performance, but the level of his talent. The heroes of Boris Vasilyevich Shcherbakov are recognizable in the cinema, they are remembered. Films where he was filmed while still young are willingly released by many TV channels, and viewers are just as eagerly watching them. It is simply impossible to list all the films with the participation of this actor. Here are just a few of his works:

  • "I serve on the border" (1974),
  • "Do not part with your loved ones" (1979),
  • "Case squared 36-80" (1982),
  • "Peter the Great" (1986),
  • The Crime Quartet (1989),
  • Quiet Don (1992),
  • "Turkish March" (2000),
  • "Soldiers" (2004),
  • "Detectives" (2006),
  • "Legend No. 17" and others.

Television plays were very popular in Soviet cinema. Boris Shcherbakov was also in demand in this niche - he played 12 roles in iconic productions - "I am responsible for you", "Summer residents", "My good friends" and others.

In addition, Boris Vasilyevich is a dubbing actor, a TV presenter on the country's main channel, Zvezda and Mir channels, starring in commercials, willingly attending talk shows. The actor also has experience of filming in music videos - he was invited to two videos for the songs of Lyubov Uspenskaya. For his services, he received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, awarded the Order of Friendship, is a laureate of the State Prize for his role in the film "Shore".

Personal life of actor Boris Shcherbakov

Boris Vasilyevich got married while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. Tatyana Bronzova became the chosen one of the future actor. The couple went through many turning and difficult moments, but managed to save the marriage. Boris and Tatiana have one child - their son Vasily. The boy received an excellent education, graduated from two universities - Moscow State University and VGIK.

The wife of Boris Shcherbakov, Tatyana, managed to go through the fictional press and real betrayals of her husband, he, in turn, supported her husband when she was diagnosed with oncology. It was not possible to defeat the disease, but supportive therapy allows Tatyana to look great, to attend social events with her husband.


Boris Vasilievich even now, in his 60s, is actively filming, touring with performances, but the schedule is no longer as tight as in his youth. This allows him to pay attention to his hobbies - in his country house, the actor set up a workshop where he is engaged in woodcarving and chasing. In 2009, his works were exhibited at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Folk Art.