How To Get To The Theater

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How To Get To The Theater
How To Get To The Theater

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Video: How To Get To The Theater
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Despite the seeming abundance of theatrical scenes today, it is still difficult for an ordinary spectator to get to a good performance. Unfortunately, many who want to experience the beauty are faced with the problem of lack of tickets, overpriced and shameless dealers. It is enough just to buy a ticket to unpopular performances with little-known actors, but to get, for example, to the famous "Juno and Avos" in Lenkom, you will have to try hard. So how do you get to the theater?

How to get to the theater
How to get to the theater


Step 1

In fact, there are several proven ways to enjoy the performance of your favorite actors. The easiest one is that you have a student card. Most of the theaters issue countersigns to students for almost any performances, and for this it is not at all necessary to be a student of an exclusively theatrical university.

Step 2

So, in order to get into the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop or the Taganka Theater, you just need to come a couple of hours before the start of the performance and contact the administrator window with a student card. You will be given free counters, but in order to keep a good impression of yourself for the future, you can thank the administrator at least with a chocolate bar.

Step 3

Everything is as simple in Lenkom, though you will have to pay 20 rubles for tickets. It is better to go to Sovremennik on the student's street from May, when the flow of visitors noticeably decreases: during the year, students are allowed only to some performances, but in the summer - even to the most famous ones. The only disadvantage of such a trip to the theater is that your seats are unlikely to be the best. However, this is fully paid off by the low cost of tickets.

Step 4

If you are not a student, do not despair. Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the city, on special sites (albeit with a substantial overpayment) or at the box office of the theaters themselves, which are open only at certain hours. It is worth buying tickets for the most interesting performances in advance, sometimes even several months in advance. When choosing seats, be sure to ask the seller for the layout of the seats so that you don't have to pay decent money to sit somewhere in the back of the mezzanine.

Step 5

If the situation is completely hopeless, you cannot get tickets for a performance at the box office, and dealers offer too high a price, remember, maybe one of your acquaintances works in the theater - you can ask them for a counter ticket.

Step 6

It is also good if you have familiar grandmothers: elderly people, for example, in Moscow, are often given free theater tickets, but not all of them use them. Try to redeem a ticket, it is unlikely that a kind old woman will refuse a few hundred rubles.

Step 7

In the event that you could not buy a ticket at any box office, and you do not have suitable acquaintances, you can still get to the theater. The fact is that immediately before the performance, reservations are removed from unredeemed tickets, and you have a very real chance to get to the theater for a nominal fee. So just come a few minutes before the start of the performance and feel free to contact the box office or the administrator.