Tatyana Nikolaevna Ovsienko: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Tatyana Nikolaevna Ovsienko: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Tatyana Nikolaevna Ovsienko: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Tatyana Nikolaevna Ovsienko: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Tatyana Nikolaevna Ovsienko: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Video: Татьяна Овсиенко. Биография, Творчество и Личная жизнь певицы 2023, December

One of the most popular singers of the late 80s and early 90s was Tatiana Ovsienko. She was a member of the Mirage group, but she gained fame thanks to her solo performances.

Tatiana Ovsienko
Tatiana Ovsienko


The hometown of Tatiana Ovsienko is Kiev, date of birth - 22.06.1966. Her father was a truck driver, her mother worked as a laboratory assistant. The family lived in a hostel. In 1970. the couple had 1 more daughter. The father often went on business trips, and the mother tried in every possible way to keep the children busy.

From 4 to 10 liters. Tanya was engaged in figure skating, however, classes in a sports school had a negative effect on her studies. Then the girl was offered to go in for swimming, gymnastics, was sent to a music school, where she learned to play the piano.

The girl attended the Solnyshko choir, which received invitations to children's concerts. The collective also performed in Moscow, on the TV show "Merry Notes". After school, Ovsienko went to study at the technical school of the hotel industry.


After graduating from her studies, Tatiana began to work as an administrator of the Bratislava Hotel. There she accidentally met the singer of the Mirage ensemble N. Vetlitskaya, who invited Ovsienko to become the group's costume designer. So Tanya moved to Moscow.

In 1988. she was offered to become a vocalist in an ensemble, she sang for 2 years with I. Saltykova. For the sake of a musical career, Tatyana lost as much as 17 kg. After the departure of Saltykova, Ovsienko was the only soloist. The singer was forced to leave the "Mirage" by a scandal due to the use of phonograms recorded by M. Sukhankina at her performances.

Ovsienko began her solo career. In 1990. she performed with the singer Sabrina, after 4 years she sang with the Voyage group. The tour took place all over the country, the song "Beautiful Girl" immediately became a hit.

After 2 years, the album "Captain" was recorded, many of the songs of which became very popular. In 1997. the song "Ring" was released, for the performance of which Ovsienko received the "Golden Gramophone" award. In the late 90s, there were successful tours in the USA, Israel, Germany for the Russian-speaking diaspora.

A new stage in his creative work was marked by the recording of a song with the singer D. McCafferty, the lead singer of Nazareth. Ovsienko began to participate in events dedicated to veterans, gave concerts at border outposts, in paratrooper divisions, and was repeatedly awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. She has 2 medals: "For Military Valor" and "For Peacekeeping Activities in Kosovo."

Ovsienko also held concerts for victims of natural disasters in Yerevan, Leninakan, Karabakh. Tatiana starred in the films "Our Man in San Remo", "Military Field Romance", participated in the projects "Dancing with the Stars", "The Last Hero".

Personal life

The first time Ovsienko got married in 1993. Her husband was the producer V. Dubovitsky, whom she met in Kiev, as a hotel administrator. But their romance began when Tatyana became the soloist of Mirage. After 6 liters. the couple adopted a boy from an orphanage.

Since 2003 the marriage began to disintegrate, Dubovitsky started a new woman, who had a child from him. Later, the couple divorced officially.

In 2008. while on vacation in Yalta, Tatiana met A. Merkulov, a businessman. In 2011. he was arrested on suspicion of organizing the murder. Merkulov spent 3 years in jail, in 2014. he was acquitted. Tatiana's son Igor lives in America, in June 2015. the singer became a grandmother.