Bilyk Roman Vitalievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Bilyk Roman Vitalievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Bilyk Roman Vitalievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Bilyk Roman Vitalievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Bilyk Roman Vitalievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Roman Bilyk is the leader of the rock group "Beasts", better known as Roma the Beast. He is not only engaged in music, but also tries himself in other areas: cinema, literary creation.

Roman Bilyk (Roma the Beast)
Roman Bilyk (Roma the Beast)

early years

Bilyk Roman was born in Taganrog on December 7, 1977. His father is a turner by profession, his mother is a taxi driver. Roma has 2 brothers - Eduard and Pavel.

As a teenager, Bilyk realized that he wanted to connect his life with music. However, after completing his secondary education, he entered the College of Construction.

After receiving his diploma, Roman went to the capital, where he became a master finisher. He carried out renovations at the Tsereteli Museum of Art, and wrote songs in his spare time.

Creative career

In 2000, Roma met by chance Alexander Voitinsky, who in the future became the producer of "Beasts". In 2001, they recruited the first line-up of the team. The debut song was called "For You". The guys took the recording to MTV and unexpectedly received an invitation to perform at the rock festival "Invasion", which was a success.

The next year was marked by the appearance of the 1st video, after which "CD Land Records" (the record company) signed a contract with the group. But the popularity of "Beasts" got thanks to the hit "Just such a strong love."

In 2003, the first album "Hunger" appeared, the song "Everything That Concerns You" became famous. The album "Districts-Kvartaly" appeared in 2004, a little later the group had its first concert in "Luzhniki".

Twelve times "Beasts" was recognized as the best rock band. According to Forbes, in 2007 the musicians were among the richest stars in the Russian Federation. In 2008, the album "Further" appeared, the most famous songs were "Bye", "Speak", "My Love".

In 2011 the disc "Muses" was recorded. In the same period, Roman was invited to host the program "Game" (NTV) with Viktor Verzhbitsky. Bilyk also started releasing a line of clothing "3veri", the screening took place in 2011. Roman acted in films - he was taken on the role in the movie "A Short Course in a Happy Life" (directed by Victoria Gai Germanika).

In 2006, the book "Rain Pistols" appeared, where Bilyk tells about the period of his life when he was not famous. In 2017, another of his autobiographical works "The Sun for Us" was published, which describes the events of the Moscow period.

The band continues to tour. In 2017, the musicians gave concerts in Los Angeles, New York, the program was called "The Best".

Personal life

The wife of Roman was Marina Koroleva, a former model. In 2008, they had a daughter, Olga, and in 2015, their second girl, Zoya. Bilyk tries to spend his free time with his family. They love to travel, visit museums.

The musician's hobbies are surfing, hunting, photography. The best pictures can be seen at Roman's exhibitions. Bilyk attends the gym and does it regularly enough, which allows him to stay in good shape.