How To Get On Stage

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How To Get On Stage
How To Get On Stage

Video: How To Get On Stage

Video: How To Get On Stage
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Probably everyone in childhood dreamed of becoming famous. A famous athlete, a talented writer or a famous actor. For many, dreams remained dreams, but some still achieved recognition and became popular. It's all about perseverance and desire to achieve your goal at any cost. If you are talented and promising, persistent and ambitious - go for it, create your memorable image on the big stage.

How to get on stage
How to get on stage


Step 1

Decide on the genre of your speech. Evaluate what is best for you: singing, dancing, or you see yourself as an actor in theater and cinema. It must be remembered that age is not an obstacle in order to do what you love. Many, for example, received their true recognition from the public at a fairly mature age.

Step 2

Concentrate on a specific genre. Start training, because you need to achieve a high level of skill. Assess the level of people who perform on stage in the same genre, note what is missing in your performance.

Step 3

Make a list of those who are your idols. Find out how they got on stage, was it an accident or years of hard training. Usually, celebrities have blogs on the Internet where you can even chat with them in person and learn about the steps you need to take to get on the big stage.

Step 4

Don't dream of being sold out right away. If possible, participate in local, regional performances. You have to accumulate your own experience, to advertise yourself. If you succeed, move on. Sign up for courses in your genre. Usually such courses are taught by famous people who share their experiences. It won't be superfluous to learn how others become famous.

Step 5

Find yourself a competent specialist who can help you. In such a complex matter, you definitely need an experienced mentor who can share with you the methods of their work. Show that you are looking for community recognition, that you are talented and have great potential. If you get rejected, don't be discouraged, try again and again. Challenges build your character. Don't stop until you get the desired result.

Take part in various competitions. To get noticed, you need to create a bright and unforgettable room. It's good if your performance gets noticed by the press or TV. A start. Make every effort to fulfill your desire, and you will succeed.