Where To Contact The Veteran

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Where To Contact The Veteran
Where To Contact The Veteran

Video: Where To Contact The Veteran

Video: Where To Contact The Veteran
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There are a lot of veterans in Russia. These are not only participants in the Great Patriotic War, but also those who fought in Afghanistan or "hot spots", as well as people who have been awarded this title for many years of hard work. Some regions have their own veteran categories. Each holder of a veteran's ID is entitled to certain benefits and payments, but does not always know where to go to get them.

The veteran will be helped by a social protection committee and a public organization
The veteran will be helped by a social protection committee and a public organization

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - military ID (for former military personnel);
  • - certificate of a war veteran or labor veteran;
  • - insurance pension certificate;
  • - phonebook;
  • - a computer with Internet access.


Step 1

The first step is to contact the department or committee of social protection of the local administration. There are databases for all the privileged categories of citizens. Some payments go through the social protection committee, and they can also give you information on whether there is a public organization in your city or village that unites veterans of one category or another. In addition, the department of social protection should explain to you what benefits or lump-sum payments you are entitled to, they go through this department or the Pension Fund, whether there are municipal targeted programs for your category (for example, housing construction) and what needs to be done to to participate. Do not forget to inquire in advance about visiting days and hours. There is usually no need to make an appointment with local social welfare offices in advance, but it is best to find out in advance.

Step 2

Contact your local Pension Fund office. Most of the benefits and payments to veterans go through this structure. The local office will enter you into the database, explain what payments and allowances you will receive and in what order. The Pension Fund must also inform citizens of the relevant category about changes in legislation, the appointment of one-time payments (for example, for anniversaries), etc. This is usually done through the local media.

Step 3

It is quite possible that there are public veteran organizations in your locality. This can be a city-wide or village Council of Veterans, a Council of Veterans of Labor or Combat Operations in Afghanistan. In many of these organizations, you can get qualified free legal assistance on a variety of issues. For example, the Council of Veterans of Special Risk Units has extensive judicial practice, there are samples of all documents that a veteran of the relevant group may need when going to court. Veterans' organizations organize cultural and sports events for those who are members of them; they have mutual aid funds. Industry veteran organizations often help with employment.

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