How To Choose A Wind Instrument For A Child

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How To Choose A Wind Instrument For A Child
How To Choose A Wind Instrument For A Child

Video: How To Choose A Wind Instrument For A Child

Video: How To Choose A Wind Instrument For A Child
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The sound in wind instruments is born due to the vibration of the air in the cavity of the instrument, which is exhaled directly by the musician. Moreover, in addition to discipline and the pleasure of touching the beautiful, playing this type of instrument can prevent a number of respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is better to teach this art from childhood.

How to choose a wind instrument for a child
How to choose a wind instrument for a child

Purpose of purchase

The history of wind instruments goes back many centuries, through which they went from the hollow bone inside the ancient people to the modern saxophone. There are a great many wind instruments alone: these are national pipes, an elegant flute, loud pipes, the famous saxophone and many others. To choose one type from this list, you need to seriously think about the purpose of the future instrument.

If parents plan to raise a musician from their child, then it is better to tilt the choice towards classical instruments such as trombone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, bassoon. For a future jazzman, of course, a saxophone is needed. If the child shows a craving for folk art, then a wooden pipe, a nozzle and a national Scottish bagpipe will do.

For general development, acquaintance with musical notation, education of musical taste, any wind instrument is suitable. You can even focus on cost. After all, a child's interest in music may disappear within a month, and the money for the silver-plated pipe cannot be returned.

You can also choose a path from simple to complex. The musical essence can be absorbed by mastering the trumpet or flute. And in the future, the saxophone will succumb faster.

Taking into account the parameters of the tool

The sound of the instrument is of great importance. And this is where problems can arise. If the child is delighted with the screaming sound of the trumpet, then the parents can enjoy the melodic flute. The neighbors, by the way, may also not approve of such a piercing sound. Still, it is worth taking into account the child's interest so that learning does not turn into hard labor.

The dimensions of the tool should also be taken into account. It will be difficult for a child not only to carry it to class, but also to control the bass pipe, while the same flute can be disassembled into two or three parts and put in a convenient case. The alto trumpet, for example, will not present any difficulties in this regard either.

Consideration of "third" factors

Temperament plays a significant role in the choice, because future success may depend on this, and the child's interest in music. The owner of an explosive nature may be bored with sitting with a wooden tube for two hours a day, while a phlegmatic person will be afraid of the fiery copper of the trombone.

The healing effect of music is also known. For example, the flute is even prescribed for people with asthma. Moreover, regular classes will simply help to develop the lungs, which will also come in handy for the future submariner.

There is one more side that just needs to be taken into account - the presence in your music school of a teacher who will teach the future musician. He may have good credentials, be an honored artist, but only play the trumpet when you need a saxophonist.

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