How To Publish Your Poems In The Newspaper

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How To Publish Your Poems In The Newspaper
How To Publish Your Poems In The Newspaper

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You write poetry, and your friends and acquaintances admit that they are brilliant. Why don't you publish them in a newspaper and bring them to the attention of the general public? In addition, good authors are always welcome in the editorial offices of print media.

How to publish your poems in the newspaper
How to publish your poems in the newspaper


Step 1

Choose a newspaper that has a thematic strip where readers' poetry is printed. Typically, such pages are in urban socio-political publications. You can also contact a specialized literary newspaper.

Step 2

Call the editorial office. Talk to the person responsible for the poetry page, ask about the conditions for publishing works, requirements for poetry. Perhaps the publication has certain restrictions on subject matter or volume. If you want to publish poetry for the purpose of receiving royalties, please also specify this point.

Step 3

Prepare a selection of your poems on a variety of topics that work best for you - nature, seasons, love, friendship. There should not be large poems and novels among them - such works from little-known authors will definitely not be published in the newspaper.

Step 4

Send your poetry by e-mail or bring it to the editor. A face-to-face meeting with the newspaper editor and the responsible journalist for the thematic page will help speed up the publication of the poems.

Step 5

Ask an editor or journalist to read and rate your poems. Perhaps he will find errors in them, shortcomings due to which the work cannot be published. Let the specialist point out them, give advice on how to fix them.

Step 6

If your work has been criticized to smithereens, do not take it painfully. Analyze all the errors that the specialist pointed out to you. Rewrite the verse with all your comments in mind. And let the specialist read it again. Your tenacity and persistence will definitely be appreciated.

Step 7

Quite often it takes several months from the moment the author brought the poems to the newspaper until the publication. Therefore, remind yourself as often as possible. Call, ask when the next release of the poetry page is planned, and how soon you will be able to see your poems on it.

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