Svyatoslav: The Meaning And Characteristics Of The Name

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Svyatoslav: The Meaning And Characteristics Of The Name
Svyatoslav: The Meaning And Characteristics Of The Name

Video: Svyatoslav: The Meaning And Characteristics Of The Name

Video: Svyatoslav: The Meaning And Characteristics Of The Name
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Svyatoslav is a name with Slavic roots. It appeared for the first time in Ancient Russia. The name is rare, not very popular. But it draws attention to its bearer. Symbolizes holiness, serenity and changeability. Although the name is not popular, it has good meaning and strong energy.

The name was first mentioned in the annals during the reign of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich
The name was first mentioned in the annals during the reign of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich

There are not very many versions of the origin of the name. Or rather, just one. The name Svyatoslav has Old Church Slavonic roots. In translation it sounds like “sacred glory”. It appeared thanks to the combination of two words - holy and glory. It has never been very popular. At all times it was very rare.

Basically, Svyatoslav was called the boys who were born in a wealthy, eminent family. It was believed that the bearer of the name had such character traits as calmness and optimism. People believed that men with such a name are always lucky in everything.

Character traits

The name bestows on its owner exceptional obedience, discretion, composure and calmness. Svyatoslav sincerely loves his parents. He will never deliberately upset his mother or father. Mom loves, and dad is an example to follow. Svyatoslav possesses powerful willpower and seriousness. From a very early age, he will begin to show independence.

The guy has exceptional kindness, down-to-earthness and productivity. He, like a magnet, attracts people into his life. Svyatoslav knows how to set goals and achieve their implementation.

Svyatoslav is ready to do anything to prove his point of view. This is its main feature. He has his own opinion on everything, which may differ from public views. Svyatoslav will never think "herd". He will try to surround himself with exactly the same people. Svyatoslav sincerely does not like those who do not have their own point of view. He simply does not trust such people.

Svyatoslav does not need people to entertain himself. He will always find something to do. Calm about loneliness. But the bearer of the name does not like noisy companies, parties and trips to nightclubs.

Hobbies and work

In childhood, a boy named Svyatoslav is able to show interest in everything. But most of all, he is attracted by his work. With age, tastes can change dramatically. Svyatoslav will begin to attract the exact sciences, the technical sphere. The main character traits are dedication and hard work. Parents just need to direct the boy's energy in the right direction. Svyatoslav will achieve the rest on his own.

The bearer of the name will be successful in the professional field. Thanks to such qualities as ambition and ambition, he will be able to move up the career ladder. Knows how to defend his point of view. Able to masterfully manipulate colleagues, imposing certain rules of the game on them.

Svyatoslav is capable of becoming a diplomat, bank clerk or director of any large organization. He can successfully build a career in the military sphere. If there is a desire, Svyatoslav will achieve success in any professional field.

Personal life

In childhood, a guy named Svyatoslav can get sick quite often. However, with age, his health will become stronger. The bearer of the name must have a responsible approach to nutrition. Digestive problems can often occur.

With representatives of the opposite sex, he behaves like a gentleman. He will never raise his hand against a woman. Will not insult or reproach. But she will not show weakness in a relationship either. If necessary, he is able to insist on his own. Even if for this it is necessary to hit the table with a fist.

It is unlikely that he will pay attention to the windy girl. Svyatoslav is more attracted to docile, purposeful women. Appreciates consistency. In a relationship, he will always be a leader.

She is in no hurry to tie the knot. He approaches the choice of a companion responsibly. But, having decided on the chosen one, he will never cheat on her. Bearers of the name are very rarely divorced. They are wonderful husbands and fathers.

Svyatoslav prefers to independently perform all male household chores. He will do everything possible so that his family lives in comfort and does not deny himself anything.

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