Kairat Nurtas: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Kairat Nurtas: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Kairat Nurtas: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Kairat Nurtas is a loving father, faithful husband and immensely talented musician. His work is familiar mainly to Kazakh music lovers. However, this person, in addition to music, develops in other directions: he makes films, has his own clothing line and is a member of a political party. Thus, there is a possibility that the whole world will soon find out about him.

Kairat Nurtasovich Aidarbekov (February 25, 1989)
Kairat Nurtasovich Aidarbekov (February 25, 1989)

Childhood and youth

Kairat Nurtasovich Aidarbekov was born on February 25, 1989. He is a native of the city of Turkestan, which is located in the south of Kazakhstan. After some time, the family changed their place of residence, moving to the former capital of the country, the city of Almaty. Kairat is not the only child of his parents. He has two younger brothers, who later also became successful in their business (one in boxing, the other in business).

Kairat's parents always dreamed that their eldest son would one day become a famous singer. To make the dream come true, they tried in every possible way to instill in the boy a love of art. In addition, the father of the family himself had a singing voice and tried to serve as an example for his son.

A career in music

When the boy was 10 years old, his first public appearance on the big stage took place. It happened in the city of Baikonur. Until Kairat became famous, his mother was his producer and helped him with PR as best she could. She personally handed out concert tickets to passers-by, pasted advertising posters at bus stops and poles, both in the heat and in the cold.

To make Nurtas' work more professional, his parents felt that he needed a special education. After him, the young man went to the Almaty Variety and Circus College. After graduating from college, the future object of sighing for millions of girls entered the State Academy of Arts (now KazNAA).

In 2008, the young man received, perhaps, the most memorable birthday present in his life: he gave his debut solo concert, which was attended by a full house.

After such an overwhelming success, the musician's career took off. Then the artist performed on the same stage with local show business stars and continued to release albums that sold in huge numbers. The artist had a whole army of fans who knew his biography by heart.

The artist's discography includes a dozen albums. The Kazakh pop star always sings in his native language, so the singer does not plan to release Russian-language albums. In 2016, Nurtas sang a duet with the popular Russian singer Nyusha. However, even in this song, he performed his part in Kazakh, while Nyusha sang in Russian.

And if in Russia Kairat, to put it mildly, is little known to the public, then in his homeland this young singer gathers full houses. According to the Kazakh publishing house Forbes, Kairat is the richest performer on the local stage.

Personal life

The artist's personal life is full of love and harmony. He has a wife named Zhuldyz. The couple met when Zhuldyz was still a student at one of the Kazakh universities. They have been married for over 10 years. During their life together, four children were born: two sons and two daughters.

Other activities

In addition to musical activities, which brought wealth and fame to Kairat, there are a number of other activities in the life of the performer. Nurtas initiated the creation of a personalized magazine; he has his own personalized line of fashionable clothes (for both women and men). Moreover, the musician plans to work on the film and create his own Kazakhstani airlines.

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