What Is The Best City In Russia For Life

What Is The Best City In Russia For Life
What Is The Best City In Russia For Life

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Many modern people are very mobile and tend to change their place of residence more often. Some are fleeing their hometowns because of the poor environmental situation, others are unhappy with the social sphere, and others are looking for a well-paid job. All these people have one thing in common: they are looking for the best city for life in Russia.



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To find out which city in Russia is the best for life, the research center, owned by the superjob.ru employment portal, dared. Experts have carried out a large-scale work, interviewing residents of megacities throughout the country. The main benchmarks were the following parameters: satisfaction with the social sphere and the ecological situation, city development, the ability to work successfully and live a full life. The results of the survey made it possible to identify the best cities for life in Russia.

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Tyumen turned out to be the leader of the rating. The first Siberian city fully satisfies almost 90% of its inhabitants. People like clean air, nature, kindly minded people around. According to the majority of Tyumen residents, today the city is developing rapidly. There is where to go with children, friends and parents.

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The city of Krasnodar was not far behind the leader. 87% of its residents consider the capital of the Krasnodar Territory a wonderful place to live and raise children. For most of the respondents, the most important role is played by the wide development of public places: cafes, restaurants, entertainment complexes. The residents also noted the wide availability of necessary services and goods, the presence of a large number of gardens and parks for walking, the reorganization of courtyards and streets.

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Novosibirsk is in third place. The majority of residents (83%) note the active development of almost all spheres: medicine, education, transport. The city is actively changing and becoming very favorable for life.

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Yaroslavl took the fourth place with a result of 82%. Changes in the city are constantly taking place, which does not go unnoticed by local residents. Yaroslavl has many public places, great working social facilities and superb parks.

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In two years, the city, which took the fifth place, lost 2% of satisfied residents. However, this did not prevent Yekaterinburg, which received 81% of the vote, from getting into the top five of the best cities in Russia to live in. The main reason for the dissatisfaction of citizens is poor maintenance of courtyards and parks. Otherwise, residents of Yekaterinburg note sustainable development.

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Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Ufa entered the second five of the best cities in Russia. Almost everywhere, about 80% of residents are satisfied with life. These cities have a good ecological situation, they are actively developing in almost all directions. According to the survey, the majority of residents do not plan to change their favorite city for another in the future.

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This rating also marks the least good cities to live in in Russia. The residents of Saratov, Volgograd and Omsk were dissatisfied. The greatest disappointment is caused by the roads, their deplorable condition and the inaction of the authorities. In Volgograd, the situation with education is very tense: there are not enough kindergartens and schools. In Omsk, according to residents, there is no development of any sphere of life.

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