How To Be A Godfather

How To Be A Godfather
How To Be A Godfather

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Participation in the Sacrament of Baptism as spiritual parents is a great responsibility before the godson and before God. Therefore, even before accepting the offer to become a godfather, it is necessary to visit the temple for a conversation with a clergyman.

How to be a godfather
How to be a godfather


Step 1

Before the Sacrament of Baptism, the future godparent must confess and receive Holy Communion. To do this, you need to fast for three days. During this period of time, you should give up marital duties, food of animal origin, and also take care of yourself from irritability and foul language.

Step 2

The duties of the godfather do not include expensive gifts, but raising a child in the Orthodox faith and love for God. Therefore, representatives of other religions (Buddhists, Baptists, Muslims, Rodnovers, etc.) or convinced atheists cannot be chosen as spiritual fathers.

Step 3

The recipient must not only be baptized and wear a pectoral cross, but also know the prayers, regularly attend church, receive communion and confess. As the child grows up, he should pray for him, read the Gospel with him, introduce him to prayers, take him to Sunday school, talk about icons, fasts and church holidays, and, if possible, travel on pilgrimage trips.

Step 4

If you are lucky enough to baptize a child, surround him with attention and care, especially if one of the parents leads an immoral lifestyle. The child should know that the godparent is a loved one, whose words are worth listening to, with whom you can share experiences or joy. The recipient should be an example for his godchildren as well as a father for his children.

Step 5

Do not forget that during the Sacrament of Baptism, you renounced Satan before God for an unintelligent baby you were holding in your arms. According to church canons, the recipient will have to answer before God whether he raised the godchildren as his own children.

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