How To Make Small Talk

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How To Make Small Talk
How To Make Small Talk

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The ability to conduct small talk will be useful to any person, even to those who, at work and in life, rarely find themselves in situations when it is necessary to communicate at a certain, "high" level. This is part of the general culture and a testament to good breeding. You should always be ready to start and support such a conversation.

How to make small talk
How to make small talk


Step 1

Any conversation of this level implies a certain style of communication. Here "Hey you!" and hi!" completely unacceptable. Small talk begins by introducing the interlocutors. This can be done by some third person or by themselves, without forgetting to pronounce the full surname, first name, patronymic, and also indicate the position held or some fact of the biography, which will become the reason for continuing the conversation.

Step 2

After the name and patronymic of your interlocutor became known to you, you should actively use them in the conversation and refer to him only in this way. In the event that your counterpart does not remember your name, tactfully remind him how to contact you.

Step 3

Subconsciously, a person reacts not only to your words, but also to how you carry yourself, how you gesture. Control yourself to win over the other person. Keeping your palms open, do not rub your ear or scratch your nose while talking - this is an indication that you are not completely frank and are being mischievous in the conversation. Take a relaxed position, posture, unfasten the buttons of your jacket - these are outward signs of your calmness and pleasure from the conversation.

Step 4

As a topic for discussion, choose the fact that was mentioned when meeting, or any topic that may be of interest to both of you. Controversial topics, for example, related to politics, religion, tolerance or attitude to some idol, it is better not to choose, otherwise you risk falling out with a person even before you get to know him better.

Step 5

In a conversation, do not bring up too general and banal topics. Try to unobtrusively find what will be interesting to your interlocutor and give him the opportunity to speak. It is better to observe how he speaks, listen to his statements, draw conclusions for yourself regarding his knowledge, interests, thoughts. After that, the next time you will already know what to talk to him about.

Step 6

Try to make your conversation enjoyable. Tell an interesting case related to the topic of the conversation, listen to the opinion of the interlocutor, Do not turn the conversation into a lecture or polemic. Know how to end the conversation in time and say goodbye so that your interlocutor does not have a feeling of reticence. End the conversation with the words: "It was nice to talk to you" or: "Excuse me, I have to go away, talk to Ivan Ivanovich before he is about to leave."

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