Folk Instruments Of The Ukrainian People

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Folk Instruments Of The Ukrainian People
Folk Instruments Of The Ukrainian People

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Music is a special kind of art, with the help of which you can convey the mood, the most intimate feelings and influence the emotional state of others. If we talk about a specific people, then we can say that music is the soul of a nation. Musicality, smoothness and melodiousness are the main features and characteristics of Ukrainian music. But do not forget that only good musical instruments can create the perfect harmony of sounds.

Folk instruments of the Ukrainian people
Folk instruments of the Ukrainian people

Plucked and wind musical instruments of Ukraine

To learn about the rich musical heritage of Ukraine, it is worth visiting a small museum of Ukrainian folk instruments, which is located in Lviv, and inquiring about the numerous exhibits of strings, percussion, noise and wind instruments. In most cases, for the production of tools at that time, as a rule, the most available materials were used: wood, animal skin, and later - metal.

So, the most widespread folk musical instrument of Ukraine is the wind: sopilka (it can also be called a pipe), flutes, spring whistles, flutes and heifers, which differ not only in appearance, but also in the number of holes. The wind instrument was made mainly of wood, less often of bark. Historians believe that the ancestor of all wind instruments was the ancient Greek cithara. The first wind instruments were mainly popular with shepherds. At the same time, in the western part of the country, trembita and various horns were more popular.

Among the stringed plucked instruments, the following were popular: bandura, kobza, gusli, basoli, torbans, cymbals, which were owned by poets and singers. The main difference between all plucked and bowed musical instruments is the shape and number of strings, which plays a major role in the sound and timbre of the sound. Today, most often, the sound of folk instruments can be heard only in folklore ensembles.

Percussion and noise instruments

An earlier Ukrainian instrument, which arose in the days of Ancient Rus, is a different noise and percussion instrument. So, to reproduce a dry and harsh sound, they used such a folk musical instrument as ratchets. Another noise instrument is the ruble, which was used to create a stream of dry sounds. The ruble is a ribbed board with teeth on which you need to play using a thick stick.

But the most famous percussion musical instrument is the tambourine. The peculiarity of the tambourine is its indefinite pitch. The tambourine is a thin bezel made of wood, covered with leather on top. In addition, there are tambourines, on the sides of which bells are hung, due to which a brighter and more saturated sound is obtained.

Today, many folk instruments can only be seen in museums, but they are still prototypes of modern musical instruments that already have a completely different look and sound.

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