Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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They say that he became an actor thanks to the great Messing - he supposedly hypnotized the selection committee so that Boris was accepted into the school.

Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky: biography, career and personal life
Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky: biography, career and personal life

It is difficult to believe the actor's tales, however, it is just as difficult to believe that Boris Khmelnitsky, who stutters with excitement, could have entered the "Pike" the first time. However, the fact is the fact - he is a graduate of this school.

The future artist and composer was born in 1940 in the Far East. A year later, the war broke out, and his parents sent him and his sister away from the city, to the taiga to visit his grandfather. Later, the actor talked about what beauty there is and what greatness. Nature made a great impression on him.

After the war, a trip began with his parents all over Russia, because Boris's father was a military man, he worked in the Officers' House. At that time, the Officers' House was a creative get-together, the center of culture of any city, and little Boris was almost always there. This prompted the idea of ​​becoming an actor.

However, he stuttered since childhood, and this could prevent him from realizing his dream. By adolescence, stuttering became weaker, but with excitement it again strongly manifested itself. Nevertheless, Khmelnitsky did not abandon his dream, and in order to prepare himself for an acting career, he went to a music school - he believed that a musical education is necessary for an artist.

Then there was a mysterious admission to "Pike", and already in his third year Boris played in the Taganka Theater at the invitation of Lyubimov. And after graduating from college, he was enrolled in the troupe as a full-fledged actor, and served in the theater for 23 years - a considerable period.

The beginning of a career in cinema

It happened in 1966, when the director Osyk saw Khmelnitsky in the play, and offered him the role of a soldier in the film "Who Will Return, Loves". Then there were roles in the films "War and Peace" and "Sophia Perovskaya". And the next film was already significant for Khmelnitsky, because it was the main role of the farm laborer Petro in the film "The Evening on the Eve of Ivan Kupala", then he was 28 years old.

However, when the name of Boris Khmelnitsky sounds, everyone invariably remembers one of his most remarkable roles - Robin Hood in the movie "The Arrows of Robin Hood". He so organically blended into this role, into the film, into the whole environment that it is already difficult to imagine another actor in this role.

Often an actor with a bright expressive appearance received supporting roles, but this did not bother him at all. On the contrary, he said that often a small role is much more interesting for an actor.

He also often played villains, but he knew how to give them some elusive charm, as if convincing the viewer that there is no only black and white in life - every negative character has a share of romance, adventure and charm. Khmelnitsky was very successful at this.

Boris Alekseevich had a long-standing friendship with Vladimir Vysotsky, and after the death of the poet, it was Khmelnitsky who organized the annual evenings in memory of Vysotsky, at which he himself performed with concerts. And even when he fell seriously ill, he finished the evening in memory of Vysotsky in honor of his 70th birthday.

On the threshold of the new century, Khmelnytsky did not act in film, because he did not like serials, and there were no roles in films. His last work was ataman Bearded in the film "Taras Bulba" (2009).

Personal life

During his studies at "Pike" Boris met Marianna Vertinskaya, they became friends, and were just good acquaintances. And in 1977, something changed in the relationship, and they decided to get married. Marianne then already had a daughter, Alexander, and soon a common daughter, Dasha, was born. However, three years later, the couple broke up, and Khmelnitsky's daughter remained to live with him - she was raised by Boris's mother.

The second marriage was also short-lived - he entered into a relationship with radio host Irina Goncharova, and after a while they separated.

After that, Khmelnitsky no longer entered into official relations, although according to rumors, he has an illegitimate son, Alexei.

In February 2008, Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky died and was buried at the Kuntsevo cemetery.

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