Merchant Tamzin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Merchant Tamzin: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Merchant Tamzin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Merchant Tamzin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Merchant Tamzin: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Tamzin Merchant - Gold Movie Awards 2019 - Interview 2023, March

Tamzin Merchant is a British actress, producer, screenwriter and director. To become famous Tamzin helped roles in such projects as "Jane Eyre", "Supergirl", "The Tudors", "Copenhagen", "Pride and Prejudice".

Tamzin Merchant
Tamzin Merchant

Tamzin Claire Merchant was born in the small town of Haywards Heath, which is located in Sussex, UK. Sometimes her name is also spelled as Tamzin Merchant. She was born on March 4, 1987.

Facts from the biography of Tamzin Merchant

At a very young age, Tamzin moved with her parents from her hometown to Dubai. She lived there until she was thirteen, but then the family returned to the UK.

The girl received her basic education in a private educational institution - at Windlesham School, which is located in Surrey. She then went to college in Brighton. While studying both at school and in college, Tamzin began to get very interested in art and creativity. She tried herself not only as an actress in amateur productions, but also as a poet. Several of her poems were published in one popular foreign network magazine.

After graduating from college, the girl decided that she wanted to connect her life with the acting profession and with art in general. Therefore, Merchant passed the entrance exams and in 2007 was enrolled in Homerton College, which is associated with the Cambridge Institute. Over the next years, the girl was engaged in stage skills, and also enthusiastically studied English literature.

For the first time, a talented and attractive girl hit the screens in 2005. Her acting career began with work on television. To date, the filmography of the already famous actress has more than twenty-five different projects.

In 2015, Tamzin Merchant tried herself for the first time as a producer, screenwriter and director. In these roles, the girl worked on the short film "American Virgin". Over the next few years, Merchant continued to develop her career as a producer, director and screenwriter. Her track record includes projects such as Remembering Juliet, American Pride, American Carnage and some others.

Now the actress is seriously involved in charity work. For example, she supports the Build Africa Foundation.

Tamzin is quite active on profiles on various social networks, not hiding how she lives outside the cameras and the set. At the same time, the famous actress tries to share non-staged, home photographs with her fans.

Development of an acting career

Merchant's first television job was in the series Pride and Prejudice. The show was released on screens in 2005. In the same year, the aspiring actress took part in the filming of a television film entitled "My Family and Other Animals."

Then the filmography of the artist was replenished with roles in such television projects as "A Good Guide to Housekeeping" and "London Hospital". From 2007 to 2010, the popular TV series "The Tudors" was produced, in which Tamzin Merchant played one of the roles.

The first feature film for the actress was "Radio Cape Cod". The premiere of the tape took place in 2008. In the same year, the artist appeared in the mini-series "Excavations".

In the next few years, Tamzin Merchant was involved in such projects as Princess Kayulani, Jane Eyre, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Copenhagen.

Certain success came to the actress when she got into the cast of the TV series "Salem". This show began airing in 2014.

In 2015, the actress was cast in the Supergirl series, which is based on DC comics. The release of this project continues now.

Tamzin Merchant's brilliant acting can also be seen in films and TV series such as The Dancer, Dragon Heart 4, Carnival Row. And in the future, the premieres of the following projects should take place: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Stainless Steel".

Love, relationships and personal life

Despite the fact that Tamzin is quite willing to share information about his private life, uploads personal photos, there is no exact information about who the actress is dating. It is known that the Merchant does not have a husband or child.

In the past, the girl was in a relationship with an actor named Freddie Fox. The young people met on the set of the television series "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". Their romance lasted two years, but ended in parting, not a wedding.

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