How To Use A Rosary

How To Use A Rosary
How To Use A Rosary

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Recently, people are increasingly thinking about self-development, about spirituality. There are many religious movements, spiritual directions and practices in the world that help to develop and receive secret knowledge. Modern man is not very religious, but there is a desire to learn the unknown. And in order to better focus on the subject of reflection, various subjects are used. One of them is a rosary.

Orthodox rosary
Orthodox rosary

What is a rosary for?

Of course, if a person picks up a rosary, this does not mean that he immediately became enlightened. And not everyone uses a rosary for prayer and meditation. Someone just broadcasts them in the car, someone puts them on as a bracelet or beads, someone collects.

They are mainly used as:

  • counting device;
  • reminder;
  • an item for maintaining concentration;
  • subject for setting the rhythm;
  • symbolic item;
  • distinctive sign;
  • medical device.

If the rosary is used as a religious object or as an object for meditation, then it must be chosen consciously.

How to choose a rosary?

Firstly, you need to take into account that in different denominations and religious movements, the appearance of the rosary is different. For example, the Orthodox have a cross or a symbol similar to it. Muslims often have an image of the Koran or other symbol. The Buddhist ones have a tassel of colored threads or several tassels, the Catholic ones have a Catholic cross. In addition, there are also Old Believers, Baha'i, Sikhs, Anglican and other types of rosary.

Therefore, see what is closer to you, and choose a rosary according to your taste and your convictions.


Muslim rosary


Buddhist rosary


Catholic rosary

In addition to these differences, there is a difference in materials. Rosary beads are made from semi-precious stones, wood, bone, plastic, various seeds and even rose petals. Therefore, they can vary significantly in price.

If the rosary is needed just for concentration, then it doesn't matter what their appearance is. Knowledgeable people say that the rosary becomes a ritual object only after a person recites a lot of prayers with their help - several thousand. Only then can they become a talisman.

Some parents buy a rosary and hang it on the crib of a newborn as a talisman. However, it is completely useless if they are not "prayed". Moreover, you can pray simply in your own words: ask for forgiveness for sins and mistakes, ask for awareness for yourself and your loved ones, and ask for health and happiness for the child. You can pray to your saint, the One God or the Sun, as our ancestors prayed.

How to pray with a rosary?

The number of beads in a rosary is different - from 8 to 108. In some it is an even number of beads, in some it is odd - it depends on the traditions and beliefs of a particular people. Therefore, it is best for religious people to consult with their confessor - what to do with the rosary, how to perform the rituals.

For the rest, the number of beads does not matter. Because everyone decides for himself how to say prayers: one prayer for all beads or for each bead there is a different prayer. The main thing here is the account. From this word comes the very name of the rosary.

It is believed that fingering the rosary soothes, relieves insomnia and depression - rhythmic calm hand movements bring peace. This is their healing effect.

Features of using rosary

If the rosary has become an object for prayers and meditation, it is better not to show them to anyone and not even talk about them, otherwise they will lose their power. The fact is that all our things absorb our energy, and the energy of prayer is very strong, and with the constant recitation of prayers, the rosary absorb this power and help to pray even stronger, and the prayer reaches the one to whom it is addressed.

In this case, the rosary becomes a secret ritual object, and it should only be used by you.

It is better to store them in a linen bag, out of sight.

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