Life In Saudi Arabia: A View From Behind A Veil

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Life In Saudi Arabia: A View From Behind A Veil
Life In Saudi Arabia: A View From Behind A Veil

Video: Life In Saudi Arabia: A View From Behind A Veil

Video: Life In Saudi Arabia: A View From Behind A Veil
Video: The Saudi women who are refusing to wear the abaya 2023, October

The situation of women in Saudi Arabia is very different from what is usual for us. However, the way of life of the Saudis differs not only from life in European countries, but also from the life of the Far and Near-Foreign East. That is why, in discussions about the east, Saudi Arabia cannot be brought under a common denominator with other Muslim countries.

Life in Saudi Arabia: a view from behind a veil
Life in Saudi Arabia: a view from behind a veil


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At the invitation of a man, one cannot enter Saudi Arabia, being his girlfriend or bride - only an official wife. This rule applies both to the indigenous people of the country, adhering to the Muslim religion, and to all other men. Even an American in a high-ranking position in the local office of an American company cannot invite a woman with whom he is not signed.

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The entry of a woman on a business trip is also quite problematic. She will be able to get here only as a truly irreplaceable specialist. A narrow circle of those are teachers of women's educational institutions, teachers of local international schools, medical workers, employees of organizations like the red cross.

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It was only a few years ago that Saudi women were officially given the right to work. However, they can work exclusively in women's collectives, as well as women of other nationalities, and with the receipt of official permission to do so from a father or husband. Saudi women can also receive education only with the permission of their husband, father or other close relative. Many are studying, but those who use the received education are much less.

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Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. By the way, this also applies to visiting women. When using official taxi services, ladies can only sit in the back seat. Thus, four passengers who decide to call a taxi will need two cars. Another nuance - a woman sitting in a car alone with a man who is not her relative is strictly prohibited by law. In this case, stopping the car on the road and checking the documents threatens the driver and his passenger with at least several days of imprisonment. Therefore, in order to get to work, visit the hospital or go shopping, a woman needs a close relative next to her.

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Both Saudis and foreign women must wear a long black robe in public, and Muslim women must cover their heads. Women are not allowed to walk on the street alone, but only accompanied by a relative or husband. However, this is not at all a whim of a strong half of humanity. The fact is that, being alone, a woman can be attacked. After all, there is no such segregation as in Saudi Arabia anywhere in the world. For the Saudis, any contact with the fairer sex (walk, conversation, etc.) is possible only if she is his wife. But not everyone can afford to support even one wife (not to mention three or four). Having become a coveted object for many men, a woman runs the risk of becoming a victim of atrocities.

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However, life in Saudi Arabia can be comfortable and enjoyable. Legally, women here are completely dependent on their husbands. And when love and mutual understanding reign in the family, this dependence is not felt.